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Wizzo Tano Nane Biography, Wiki, Real Name, Age, Career, Net Worth

by Luiz
Wizzo Tano Nane Biography

Wizzo Tano Nane (real name Maina Jeffrey) is a Kenyan Instagram celebrity, a businessman with a passion for music. You’ve apparently seen the slogan “Kwani ni Kesho” making a trend on social media on hashtags and presumably viewed Papa Jones’ teaser video for the track titled so.

Wizzo Tano Nane is the gentleman behind the contemporary phrase that caught the consideration of Kaligraph. This post looks at his biography, highlighting his history, career course, and current impact on social media.

Wizzo Tano Nane Age & Place of Birth

Wizzo was conceived in Nakuru Section 58 and is in his twenties. He left his folks and two siblings in the town and relocated to the city, now living in Buruburu. He chose the name Wizzo Tano Nane as a quasi name, his real name being Maina Jeffrey.

Wizzo Tano Nane Education Background

Wizzo refuses to reveal aspects of his academic achievements but made it through to finishing high school. He then chose to call it quits and chase his own goals, dreams he deems too big for a little town.

Wizzo Tano Nane Career Journey

Wizzo is an Instagram celebrity, a businessman with a passion for music. He retails clothes and shoes, something that has made him attributed to as drip master by many of his followers and colleagues. He utilizes his Instagram profile to drop words of perspicacity, with some people tagging him as a motivational orator.

He says his impulse stems from real-life circumstances and thus drops some of his chunks as captions. Some incorporate, “Confidence na mix ya ambition everything will fall in place, kwani kesho” & “Creativity can’t be studied or copied it’s like a gift, kwani ni kesho.” His videos have become favorites, with several individuals going for motivation from him. His videos have also been broadly shared among Kenyans online.

His famous phrase Kwani ni Kesho indicates the need to do things today without pausing and pursuing one’s dreams now. He also came up with the concept mbwakni, which implies fake or unoriginal. With these trends, he grabbed Kaligraph’s attention, and there are chances for a partnership for the song whose teaser has been dropped on YouTube.

Wizzo Personal Life, Girlfriend, Dating

Wizzo lives life on his as he wants, shares his views unabashedly, and is open to knockers.

Wizzo Tano Nane Net worth and Assets

Data on his net worth and assets are unavailable to the public. He, nevertheless, is working on his clothline, something he is extremely proud of.

Real Name Maina Jeffrey

Age Twenties (As of 2021)

Nationality Kenyan

Place of Birth Kenya

Career Businessman, artist

Fiancé   N/A

Net worth N/A

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