Ways to Stop Losing your Money in Sports Betting

Sports betting can win you up to billions in dollars but you can equally lose your entire savings. If you are a real gambler, losing and winning is part of the game. Though it’s normal to lose, you should at least lay a strategy of how to win more than you lose.
The rule of this game is, the betting company takes at least 70% and the rest is shared amongst gamblers…you can’t change that. If you are a gamble, your goal should be to be part of the 30 %.
Now, if you want to stop making loses, here are basic things you should do.
  1. Avoid multibet
Multibet can be tempting and also dangerous. In gambling, the more the combination of games in a multibet the higher the chances of losing your money. It’s recommended that instead of putting your money in a multibet,bet for a jackpot.
Statistics show that only less than 20% of gamblers win in a multibet, which explains why you should always avoid this type of betting.
  1. Never rely of premium betting tips
Premium betting tips are those sold by individuals to naïve gamblers.
Have you ever asked yourself, “why are those selling tips not using the same to win millions they are guaranteeing you?” It’s pointless to buy betting tips when even those selling them are not sure of the outcome.
  1. Avoid betting on high risky games.
High risky games are those matches with teams that have almost equal strengths and weaknesses. Such teams have odds of between 2 and 3 each. If for instance there is a match between Chelsea and Manchester City, betting for this match will cost you the money as you are not sure of the winner. Of course you might walk home smiling but such instances are rare.
  1. Avoid betting on exact goals
There are options in betting selections where you can select exact goals in first half, full time and even for a specific team; if you consistently make such a mistake, you will terribly lose your money.
  1. Bet as a group
I have seen many cases where people form groups and bet based on each individual’s preferences. In case one wins the money, they will share the cash amongst the group members.
Betting as a group helps to share the pain of losing and also increases the chances of winning.
  1. Don’t bet when you are in a hurry
When betting, take your time, analyze the previous matches and carefully select a team to be for.
Don’t place a lot of money in a single bet
If you have Ksh 10,000 you want to bet with,please avoid placing all this cash in a single match-distribute the money among several matches such that if you lose one,you can win in another one.We have seen many cases where an individual places up to Ksh 20,000 in a single match where he is 100% sure of winning something,but he ends up a disappointed gambler.