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TSC Teacher Registration, Recruitment Requirements 2023

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About TSC Teacher Registration & Recruitment Requirements 2021/2022.

TSC is an abbreviation for the Teachers Service Commission, it is an Independent government Commission authorized under the Constitution of Kenya to handle human resources in the education sector. It is based in the Kenyan capital city, Nairobi, with offices in all counties. We will take you through the TSC Teacher Registration process and requirements.

Teachers Service Commission is accountable for the registration of teachers with the following categories;

  • Early Child Development Education (ECDE)
  • Primary Teacher Education (PTE)
  • Diploma in Education (DipEd)
  • Diploma in Education for Visually & hearing impaired
  • Bachelor of Education or (B.Ed)
  • Bachelor of Arts & Bachelor in Science (B.A/B.S)

TSC Minimum Academic & Professional Qualifications for Registration of Teachers

 i.  Minimum of CPE/KCPE plus ECDE Certificate from KNEC.
ii.  Minimum means grade D+(Plus) at KCSE and ECDE Certificate from KNEC.
iii. Minimum mean grade D (Plain) at KCSE, KNEC proficiency certificate, ECDE Certificate from KNEC Diploma
i. Mean grade C (Plain) at KCSE and ECDE Certificate from KNEC.
 ii. Mean grade C+ (Plus) and above for University Diploma
i. Mean grade C+ (Plus) and above
b  PTE i. Minimum grade C Plain in KCSE and above
ii. PTE Certificate from KNEC
iii. Mean grade of C- (minus) for visually and hearing impaired persons
C Diploma in Education i. Minimum grade C+( Plus) in KCSE and above and C+ (Plus) in the two subjects specialization.
ii. At least C (Plain) in English
iii. C (plain) in Mathematics for Science-based courses
iv. D+( plus) in Mathematics in non-science based courses
d Diploma in Education for Visually and hearing impaired i. Minimum grade C (Plain) in KCSE and above.
ii. At least C Minus in English
iii. C- (Minus) in Mathematics for Science-based courses
iv. D (Plain) in Mathematics in non-science based courses
e Bachelor of Education i. Minimum mean grade C+ (plus) and above or it’s equivalent.
ii. C+ (Plus) in two subjects of specialization
f Bachelor of Arts/ Bachelor of Science i. Minimum grade C+ (Plus) in KCSE and above and C+ (Plus) in the two subjects of specialization.
ii. Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE)

TSC Registration Qualifications for Teachers (Kenyans)

  • Certificate of Good Conduct
  • Appropriate Academic & Professional Certificates from Acknowledged Institutions
  • A copy of (ID) Identity Card or Passport
  • Passport Photo
  • KRA Pin Certificate
  • Correctly Filled GP 69 Medical Form

TSC Registration Fee & Procedure

A non-refundable payment of Kshs. 1055

Deposit is presented to the TSC Registration Account

National Bank of Kenya account No. 01001000905001


Easy Banking applying Pay Bill Business Number 625625

TSC Registration Qualifications for Teachers (Non-Kenyan Citizen)

  •  Academic & Professional Certificates & Other Evidence for Registration as A Teacher Received in Kenya or The Country of Origin.
  • Academic & Professional Certificates.
    • Must-Have Been Granted by An Accredited Foreign Institution & Equated by The Associated Public Body in Kenya
  • Certificate of Enrollment as A Teacher or Authority to Teach in The Country of Origin
  • A Valid Entry or Work Permit Declared by The Department of Immigration
  • A Confirmed Certificate of Good Conduct declared by The Applicable Law Enforcement Agency in The Country of Origin
  • Vetting Letter from The Kenyan Ministry of Education
  • The Prescribed payment of Kshs. 1055

All documents requirement be certified by both TSC Director or TSC Sub – County Director.

TSC Teacher Enrollment Process

The Commission has rendered an online platform for the applying and registration of teachers. Once a candidate is sure that he or she has all the needed documents, they can visit the TSC official website – www.teachersonline.go.ke and start the application process.

Upon the acceptance of the application, the Commission vets the documents & the applicant is given response or decision within thirty days.

If the application is prosperous, the applicant is assigned with a Registration Certificate which has the Commission’s Chief Executive Officer’s signature.

The Certificate is then promptly posted to the teacher by the postal address shown in the application. Also, applicants can reach their registration status and TSC Number online on the TSC official website.

Temporary Teacher Registration Certificate from TSC

The TSC Code of Regulations (2014), Regulation 27 mandates the Commissions to assign a Temporary Teacher Registration Document to a person who;

  1. Is in Kenya on Recognized Education Exchange Programs or Other International Bilateral Arrangements Or
  2. Not Having Qualified as A Teacher but Endures a Related Certificate Issued To Him or her Under Any Law Associating to Education and Training.

Why TSC May Not Register Some as a Teacher

Section 27 of TSC Act 2012 commands the Commission not to enroll a person as a teacher who;

  • Does not hold the prescribed requirements
  • Is not of great moral character
  • Has been sentenced to a sexual offense & an offense committed against a learner
  • Has been sentenced to a criminal offense which in the idea of the commission, contributes the person unqualified to be a teacher
  • Is involved in any activities which in the view of the commission, are unfavorable to the peace, good order, and good government in Kenya,
  • Bears from such physical & mental infirmity which in the view of a registered medical practitioner executes the person ineffective of fulfilling the duties of a teacher.

Revocation & Recall of TSC Certificate of Registration

The Commission is dully mandated by the TSC Code of command for Teachers (2015), regulation number 30 to after a proper process withdraw and recall a Certificate of Registration that was obtained by;

  • Fraud
  • Misrepresentation
  • Forgery
  • A result of a mistake or
  • Other unlawful means

Elimination of the Name from TSC Register

The Commission is officially mandated by the TSC Act of 2012, Regulation number 30 to after proper process extracts from the register the name of a person who bears physical & mental illness or deficiency which executes the person incompetent of performing the responsibilities as a teacher and other listing offense.

  • Has died
  • Is satisfied that he or she has received registration through fraudulent medians
  • Has been sentenced to a sexual offense or an offense upon a pupil or a student
  • Has been condemned of a criminal offense which in the view of the commission executes the person unable to be a teacher
  • Has directed extracted from the list as a result of disciplinary actions instituted or

Offenses Linking to Teacher Registration

The TSC Code of Regulations of 2015, Regulation 39 states out that any personality that falls in the below division has performed an offense and is responsible on conviction a fine not passing one hundred thousand shillings or to incarceration for a term not surpassing twelve months or both.

  • Dishonestly or fraudulently holds himself or herself as a registered teacher,
  • Not being a registered teacher & teaches or assists in teaching in any school in Kenya,
  • Causes, permits, & employs to teach in any Kenyan school a character who is not registered,
  • Mutilates amends or deletes any admission in the certificate of registration,
  • Applies for a profession as a teacher in any name other than the complete name as listed in the register of teachers,
  • Has been excluded from the register of teachers but proceeds to teach or
  • Having been excluded from the register of teachers and proceeds to hold and Use the certificate of enrollment for teaching or for any additional purpose.

Teacher Registration inquiries

For any questions on teacher registration, the candidates or the public can call 020-2892351 or send an e-mail to; info@tsc.go.ke

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