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Top 20 best Kenyan hairstyles for ladies in 2022

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best Kenyan hairstyles for ladies

Kenyan Women of all ages love to look good and sleek at all times. Apart from dressing to impress people, one way to make a lasting impression in ladies is with hair. We are talking about the best hairstyles that are selfie worthy and those hairdos which will get you double taps and plenty of likes. So which are the most attractive and the latest hairstyles for Kenyan ladies and women? Take a look below.

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Every year, there are so many Kenyan hairstyles that come out. The list of braids hairdos designs with cool hues, weaves, wigs, stunning short designs and long natural tresses is endless. This can make it very daunting for you to select only the top styles.

Lucky enough for you, we have gathered the trendiest and latest hairstyles for ladies in Kenya. Whether you are simply looking to rock the ever-popular Fulani braids harstyles or the feminine faux locs, in this long list, you will get a look that every fashionable lady and will love to try.

1. Abuja lines

Over the last few years in Kenya, Abuja lines have become a very popular style, and the trend does not look like it will go away anytime soon. What makes it the go-to first option for modern ladies of all ages is that it is low-maintenance,very easy to install and thanks to the creativity of stylists you can get so many various Abuja hairstyles in Nairobi that suit all face shapes.

There are similarly different lengths, texture, and colours, which means you can easily walk into any beauty product stall and easily get some different designs to inspire your next Abuja lines hairdo.

Abuja lines

2. Classy short natural hair

If you tend to keep up with the latest hairstyles for ladies in Kenya, then you know that many are ditching synthetic weaves and wigs and are now opting to show off their natural tresses. The availability of products that specifically cater to natural hair, especially those that add texture or volume has made it possible for anyone to look gorgeous.

Furthermore, going natural is less costly in terms of maintenance; the hair takes well to various colouring options; it frames the face better and makes you look youthful. What’s to love about natural hair is that you can trim it to create so many different designs such as a Mohawk, or add a side fade. Adding a cute band works to show off the long healthy tresses.

3. Faux locs

It is impossible to mention the latest hairstyles in Kenya without including faux locs. These are artificial locs that enable any lady to exude that natural dreadlock look. It is protective and durable, which means that with good maintenance, you can rock these locs for two to three months.

What makes them a favourite to many girls is that they are perfect for those who want dreadlocks but are not ready to commit to long term styles. There are endless ways to rock faux locs from side swept, bob, bun, half updo, and even with bangs. If this year you want to embrace styles that look natural, then faux locs is the way to go.

4. Bandika lines

Want to spend less time at the salon? Do you want to give your hair a break from all the pulling, heat, and chemicals? Then Bandika lines are what you need. These are a form of cornrow plaited lines which are attentively crafted to complement a personal sense of style and then fixed on the wearers head.

What makes Bandika lines one of the most popular braids hairstyles in Kenya is that they are simple, take less time to install, look very chic, and when done by a professional it is hard to differentiate them from other cornrow designs.

The extension can be braided in thick cornrows, thin, swept back or designed in a pattern that will make you stand out from a crowd. The lines will also suit any given occasion from casual to formal events. For Bandika lines, you only need to apply hair spray and you are good to go.

5. Marley twists

Marley twists are protective and also low maintenance. These twists are so versatile that they can be styled in so many different ways. As compared to Havana, Marley twists have less volume, which means that you will need more packs for thicker sizes.

If you are wondering what is the best hair to use for Marley twist then go for Marley extensions with a course quality. As for which designs to braid with Marley twists extension you can opt for long, crochet, short, shoulder length, bob or accessorize with clips or cowrie shells. With proper care, Marley twist can last up to 8 weeks.

6. Box braids

While many trends come and go, braids remain timeless for girls of all ages. The simplicity of box braids and ability to complement all hair type is what makes it one of the most popular women hairstyles in Kenya.

The possibilities of styling are endless, but it all depends on personal preference. However, even with the simplest three-strand design, you will still look gorgeous. You can choose to go for the classic black box style or give your braids an edge by opting for bold colours such as blue, blonde, green, pink or maroon. Silver or white will surely turn heads.

7. Curly wigs

It is impossible to walk on the streets of Nairobi and not find a lady wearing a wig. Celebrities in Kenya love showing off their wigs and a simple search on social media will give you a ton of different types and lengths.

Curly wigs are perfect for framing the face and giving anyone a youthful vibe. Regardless of the price, the trick to picking a good wig is to choose a wig cap that fits comfortably on your head and that which is made from a material that prevents itching. Besides, rarely do wigs look the way you want, but you can take it to a professional who will cut it to frame your face.

8. Straight weaves with bangs

Unlike men who can adorn the same haircut all their life, women have the freedom to look different as many times as they want thanks to weaves. Depending on mood, you can use a weave to play around with texture, colour, and length. For many years women have been wearing weaves to protect their natural hair from daily upkeep routines and to enhance beauty.

Women who want thicker hair can use sew-in weaves to add volume. Weave extensions length vary from 8 to 32 inches, and you also have to select the right amount of bundles to achieve a glamorous look. The expensive ones even come with lace frontal and closure to give you a natural look and endless styling options.

9. Kinky straight ponytail

A kinky straight ponytail will have heads turning and people wondering if it is your natural hair. This kinky ponytail is ideal for women with long to medium hair as you will need to gather your hair at the middle and the back of the head.

This ponytail will draw attention to your facial features and keep hair out of your face. Instead of putting your ponytail high on the head, you can go for low over the neck, on the sides, sleek and tight, or loose.

10. Bob braids

Want to know which are the latest Kenyan hairstyles braids? The bob is one of the trendiest braided hairstyles in Kenya. It is edgy, modern, adds volume, and prevents damage. With the right accessories you can give your bob a wow factor.

You can add clips, rings, beads, coloured threads, or flowers. There are many different types of bobs from Asymmetrical, A-line, inverted, with bangs and graduated designs. Keep your face shape in mind as the right bob can do wonders to frame your face.

11. Passion twists

Looking for the latest hairstyles in Nairobi? Then passion twists will ensure that you look gorgeous without spending a lot of money. This protective style is ideal for women who want a bohemian vibe yet want to maintain a natural look. What makes passion twists different from any other style is that it has gorgeous romantic curls, and the older it gets, the better it looks.

12. Two-tone braids

Box braids come in every colour and length. But if you are undecided between two colours then go for the two-tone design. This style will make it easier for you to add colour without exposing your tresses to chemicals found in most dyes. By combining two bold shades, you can to make a statement and get noticed everywhere you go.

13. Curly faux locs

Want to try out one of the trendiest hairstyles for women? Then curly faux locs should be your next pick. The curly design is perfect for people who are tired of rocking the straight locs yet love faux locs so much that you want to adorn them again. You can opt for long, chunky or crotchet these locs in a way that frames your face; either way, you will look amazing.

14. Feed in braids

Whether made with extensions or natural tresses, feed in braids are one of the latest hairstyles for girls that will give you an elegant look that is hard to ignore. With so many styles to choose from, you can go for a simple but stylish pattern of small and large cornrows that is visually appealing. The trick is to getting this style is to go to an experienced professional who loves creating new designs that can be easily accessorized.

15. Fulani braids

Thinking about the top braided hairstyles in Kenya? Then Fulani braids might be what you need. The style exude a look that fits an African queen, so wear them with confidence. The addition of coloured beads portrays a creative and fun person who is not afraid to take risks.

16. Undercut with braids

Among the most protective hairdo for girls of all ages is the undercut with braids. With minimal care and an undercut, you can rock this design with confidence. The undercut allows you to try shaved styles without fully committing to cutting most of your hair off

17. Havana twists

For a couple of years now, Havana twists have taken over the hair scene in Kenya. The styling flexibility and protective effect makes these twists a favourite to many women. While you can opt for Havana crochet twists which take less time to install, make sure that they are done gently to avoid hurting the scalp. Additionally, avoid plaiting the hairline to prevent breakage, which causes a receding hairline.

18. Thin cornrows

If you are one of the ladies that love rocking hairstyles in Kenya that are an integral part of African culture then thin cornrows a must try. While they may take hours to complete, with proper care, these thin lines can last for weeks. You can dress up your cornrows with fancy parts like the zigzag or curvy design.

19. Jumbo braids

Jumbo box braids have never gone out of style. They are versatile, beautiful, and when done well, they will protect your natural tresses. Despite their simplicity, this Jumbo style can be adorned with so many accessories. Adding metallic cuffs is one of the best ways to get a new look. Another way to look different is to ask your stylist to do a zigzag parting.

20. Cute long braided natural hairstyle

Sometimes you may feel like giving your hair and scalp a break from all the products and what is a better way to do that than by rocking your natural hair. With the long natural hair, you can swim or walk under the rain water with confidence since you will only need to dry your hair and you are good to go. Besides that, the days when natural tresses looked boring are very long gone as you can style your hair in so many ways and look fabulous in a short while. For a quick sleek look, gather your tresses into an executive bun, and when going for a casual outing, add a headband.

The latest hairstyles for Kenyan Ladies can easily transform your look and make you stand out from the crowd and shine. The listed above hairdos are low maintenance service and versatile in terms of styling options to choose from. They are also ideal for a formal and also casual event and will ensure your beauty shines all through.

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