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Top 10 highest Paying NGOs in Kenya (Updated List)

by NBI
Top 10 highest Paying NGOs in Kenya

In this article, I will list the highest-paying NGOs in Kenya in 2021. NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations) are top organizations that are neither part of a government nor conventional for-profit business. 

Most of them are typically set up by ordinary citizens. However, NGOs may be funded by businesses, governments, foundations, or private persons. Currently, in Kenya, we have numerous NGOs which people dream of working with them because of their really good pay.

Below are the top 10 highest-paying NGOs in Kenya.

  1. United Nations

The United Nations Kenya (UN), which has its Africa headquarters based in Nairobi, Kenya, is one of the most inquired NGOs. The United Nations aims at building good relations amongst nations and maintaining global peace and world security.

Now and then, the United Nations in Nairobi keeps on updating job vacancies on their website and their verified social media pages.

  1. World Vision

The World Vision International is an Evangelical Christian philanthropic agency, community, and advocacy organization. It was founded back in 1950 by Robert Pierce as a service organization to meet the emergency requirements of missionaries.

Job vacancies at the World Vision are open even to members of the public which are non-evangelical Christian religious backgrounds.

  1. USAID

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID), a US government agency that was founded back in 1961 by John F Kennedy. USAID focuses on giving aid to foreign civilians. The NGO further offers development assistance in Kenya.

One of the highest paying NGOs in Kenya, USAID offers both job vacancies and even scholarships to Kenyan citizens provided one meets their requirements.

  1. Oxfam

Oxfam limited, one of the top NGOs in Kenya, was founded in 1942 by Cecile Jackson-Cole. The Oxfam’s primary mission is to minimize and eliminate global poverty.

All you require here is a first university degree and some years of work experience, and you are good to go. Oxfam pays a good salary of between Kshs 1000 -Kshs 400,000 depending on the job position.

  1. Amnesty International

Amnesty International was founded back in 1961 by Peter Benenson. It works with specific goals and objectives for improving lives and upholding human rights for the many citizens of Kenya and the surrounding areas.

Amnesty International is also dedicated to securing human rights all over the world. With more than 50 years of humanitarian services and about 8 million subscribers and members, Amnesty International is a very secure NGO to work at.

Amnesty International also posts job vacancies on their website and official social media sites anytime a vacancy arises.

  1. Amref Health Africa

Amref Health Africa was founded in 1957 by surgeons from Flying Doctors of East Africa.

Amref’s main aim is to reduce the high rates of maternal and newborn deaths in Africa. The Kenyan NGO works closely with communities to improve the health of women and children.

Amref Kenya offers job vacancies both at their headquarters in Nairobi and all other country offices across Africa.

  1. Mercy Corps

Mercy Corps Kenya, a humanitarian aid agency, was established in 1979 by Dan O’Neill. This NGO aims at helping communities that environmental disasters or conflicts have hit.

Mercy Corps offers job vacancies and internships without bias. In addition, you can subscribe to the NGO’s newsletter to get a notification on jobs immediately they arise.

  1. Housing Finance Foundation

Housing Finance Foundation (the HF Foundation) is an East African foundation based in Nairobi, Kenya. Established in 2012, HF Foundation is a non-profit subsidiary of the Housing Finance Company of Kenya.

The principal aim of the HF Foundation is to deliver, facilitate, and catalyze the formulation of an employable, effective and entrepreneurial building and construction workforce.

Housing Finance Foundation offers equal job opportunities to public members from diverse backgrounds in banking and other careers.

  1. International Rescue Committee

The International Rescue Committee (the IRC) was founded in 1933 by the late Albert Einstein. The IRC responds to the world’s worst humanitarian emergency. It helps people whose lives and livelihoods are shattered by dispute and disaster to survive, recover, and gain control of their future.

International Rescue Committee renews job vacancies on their website every time a post arises. In addition, the NGO is transparent on all its jobs, internships, and scholarships.

  1. CARE International

CARE Kenya is a major international humanitarian agency that is delivering emergency relief and also long-term international development projects. Founded back in 1945, CARE is nonsectarian, impartial, and non-governmental. CARE’s foremost objective is to empower girls and eradicate poverty.

CARE posts job vacancies on their website regularly. You can also subscribe to their newsletter to get job announcements immediately after they are posted.

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