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The top 5 Largest Supermarkets in Kenya

by NBI

The Kenyan retail space has seen its fair share of drama in the last few years. The collapse of supermarket chain giants Nakumatt and Tuskys have left a huge market gap that is being filled up fast. The following are the largest supermarkets in Kenya:

Naivas supermarket

Naivas supermarket is one of the biggest supermarkets in Kenya, with diverse branches across the country. They have a range of items like general groceries, magazines, beauty products, fresh produces, office supplies, medicine, tools, books, hardware and much more.

The mart has diversified and opened an online store that makes it easier for its thousands of clients to shop.

Carrefour Kenya

Carrefour Kenya is part of a supermarket franchise that is found in over 30 countries. The opening of this retail store has caused a ripple impact in the market. They keep expanding with more branches in the country and improving their services every day.

What makes the shopping chain unique is that they get 80% of its products from the local region. This makes them a great enabler in supporting local products as well as the producers. Carrefour supermarket has all the products that you will discover in any other store at reasonable prices as well.


Quickmart is another huge store that has been growing rapidly over the years and is one of the largest supermarkets in Kenya. The supermarket store was established in 2006 in Nakuru town and has over 36 branches across the country.

They have a combination of goods at affordable prices. Further, they have delectable pastries from the bakery, wonderful meals from their delis, and so much more.

Cleanshelf Supermarket

Cleanshelf Supermarket has had a steady growth in major towns in the path over the years and is one of the biggest Supermarkets in Kenya.

It is a one-stop shop for furniture items, fresh produce, electronics, and so much more.

Eastmatt supermarket

Eastmatt Supermarket is one of the consistent marts around and was formed in 1990 as Eastleigh Mattresses. The family-owned retail store deals in all your basic needs at affordable prices too.

Other Supermarkets in Kenya that are rapidly expanding in the Kenya retail world include Game stores supermarket, Chandarana Food Plus, Mulleys Supermarket, Powerstar Supermarket, Kisii mart, Kassmatt Supermarket, and Magunas Supermarket.

Some of the top supermarkets are now allowing customers to place orders online, which is a good way to decrease the congestion of shoppers in their stores in line with covid-19 regulations.

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