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The best chicken farming business plan to use

by NBI
The best chicken farming business plan to use

The best Chicken farming business plan: before you begin any business, you must have a business plan that will assist you in executing your idea correctly. When it comes to chicken farming in Kenya or around the world, things are not any significant differences. So here is the best business plan you need to as written by one good doc, a Vet at Kenchic:

The best chicken farming business plan:

The Executive summary

It is remarkably important to visualize what you want to do in any business. For example, if you need to do broiler production, ask yourself how many broilers do I want to keep my cycle? What is the customers’ choice in the market? If you’re going to sell eggs or chicken meat, how many restaurants, supermarket, bars are you targeting?

Put these down in summary. Indicate your initial venture capital, or do you intend to borrow for the development of a chicken house/unit.

What about the capital to buy poultry equipment and the working capital to keep the method going until the products hit the market. Can you simply work out your expected profit margin during the maximum demand period and low the period.

Business idea

Clarify your chicken business idea with certainty and without any ambiguity. Write something like, and I want to rear about 500 broilers per cycle, 7 cycles per year. I will regionally produce, process pack and then sell the meat at a slaughter weight of approximately 1.75kg live weight at the restaurants and hotels within Siaya and also Bondo district. Clarify that you will provide meat or eggs of high quality as preferred by the customers.

Project description

Describe precisely how you will put your ideas into reality by designing and constructing the units, the labour specialist, your financial sources, where to buy chicks, feed, etc. For example, explain sources of funding, where to get water, who will be in charge in charge of what, where you will build the poultry unit, and whether it is a full-time engagement or part-time.

Marketing plan

Do your market analysis and analysis diligently, know your competitors indents are, your and target markets, list the hotels and restaurants, and cafes in your locality. Seek to understand the owners or managers by name and their mobile numbers. Print some leaflets and introduce them to your friends and relatives before seeking other potential target groups.

Execute operation plan

Draw a timeline of events as you plan to operationalize each activity. Seek assistance from experts and experienced chicken farmers on the construction of sheds, where to buy quality chicks, chicken feed availability, etc. Seek knowledge on chicken growing, best egg production or meat processing and grading, transport, meat and egg pricing, and labeling and marketing. Take time to learn poultry brooding, rearing, product, and marketing.

Financial planning

Draw up the cost of construction, buying equipment, and working capital for buying chicks, chicken feed, packaging costs, vet cost, etc. Project your profit and the loss account projected balance sheet. This is especially important if you plan to get a bank loan or funding from financial institutions. After setting everything in writing then you will be able to see clarity in what you need to venture into without uncertainties.

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