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2022 Kiswahili & English Set books for Secondary Schools, KCSE

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Set books for Secondary Schools

New approved 2021 KCSE Kiswahili and English set books for secondary schools in Kenya have been released by the ministry of education, higher learning, and KICD for the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE). The new list of new Kiswahili Set books and also English set books has been provided below.

The release of the brand new set book for the 2022 exams

Through its director, the Kenya Ministry of education sent a directive to all school principals and all heads indicating that the new set books will replace those that were released in early 2013. Nonetheless, some of the set books will still be in use.

The new 2021 set books for high schools/secondary schools will run for a period of up to five years, that is, from 2018 to 2023.

List of 2018-2023 Kenya Approved new set books for secondary schools.

2022 English set books for secondary schools 

  1. The new compulsory set English novel is ‘BLOSSOMS OF THE SAVANNAH’ written by Henry Ole Kulet, replacing ‘The River and The Source.’
  2. ‘A DOLL’S HOUSE’ by writer Henrik Ibsen is the new playbook, replacing the ‘Caucasian Chalk Circle by Bertolt Brecht.
  3. The Pearl set book by John Steinbeck (Price: Ks. 395) (Optional book)
  4. The Memories we lost by Chris Wanjala (short stories) (Price: Ks. 380) (Optional book)
  5. The inheritance by David Mulawa (play) (Price: Ks. 375) (Optional book)

NOTE: In the three elective books, students have to choose one.

2022 Kiswahili set books for secondary schools 

  1. Chozi la Heri by writer Assumpta K. Matei (Price: Ksh. 345) replaces the old ‘Kidagaa Kimemwozoea’ as a compulsory set book for the next four years.
  2. Kigogo set book by Pauline Kea Kyovi (retail Price: Ksh. 325) (New play)
  3. Tumbo Lisiloshiba na Hadithi Nyingine by writer Alifa Chokocho na Dumu Kayanda (Short stories (retail Price: Ksh. 420)

How to verify if a set book is original

The set books are currently available in books shops and textbook centers. Original set books have a label at the footnote (at the bottom cover) indicated as “Approved by KICD 2017 Edition.”

Students can additionally verify the authenticity of the textbook by scratching a security tag on the cover page and sending the 16 digit pin number to 22776. You will then get an SMS notification confirming whether the book is original.

Where to download secondary set book summary notes and guides

All Kiswahili and also English secondary school set books are available at the muthurwa site. In addition, you can visit the page to download pdf.

UPDATE 2022: There are additional new set books for 2022-2025; we will share a separate article about the same and alert our subscribers.

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