Safaricom FLEX bundles-SMS,Calls,Data bundles


Safaricom Flex Bundles

To buy, utilize your broadcast appointment to buy FLEX Bundles by dialing *100# or *200#. The Flex units may then be utilized for information, nearby voice and neighborhood SMS.

Safaricom FLEX Bundles: FLEX Bundles is the all-new adaptable approach to peruse, call and SMS effectively and helpfully with just 1 package. FLEX Units additionally offer you more esteem each time you send cash utilizing M-PESA.

Safaricom FLEX Bundles – Get more with FLEX

Get up to 35% more incentive with the adaptability to utilize your FLEX Bundles between information, voice and SMS. Additionally, for each chargeable M-PESA ‘send cash’ exchange, you will get 3 free FLEX Units. This implies you would now be able to utilize them to make more calls, peruse more on the web or send more SMS’.

Safaricom FLEX Bundles – Choose your FLEX Bundle Plan

There are three sorts of Flex Bundle intends to browse:

FLEX Bundle Plan Price (KSHs.) No. FLEX Units Validity (with auto-recharging)

  1. Every day 99 99 115 24 Hours
  2. Week by week 599 599 700 7 Days
  3. Month to month 2,499 2,499 3,100 30 Days

Safaricom FLEX Bundles – How to utilize your FLEX Bundles

Flex Bundles have Flex Units that will be utilized for information, voice and SMS at the rates underneath:

1 FLEX Unit is proportionate to 3MBs when perusing the web

3 FLEX Units are identical to a moment or 1 FLEX Unit is comparable to 20 Sec talk time when calling

1 FLEX Unit is identical to 3 SMS’s while messaging

Safaricom FLEX Bundles – FAQs

Who Is Eligible To Buy Flex Bundles?


FLEX Units are accessible to all Safaricom PrePay and individual PostPay clients.

How Do I Purchase as well as Renew Flex Bundles?

To buy in, dial *100# or *200# to buy FLEX packs.

How Do I Unsubscribe From Flex Bundles?

To withdraw from FLEX Bundles, dial *100# or *200# and pick the ‘withdraw’ choice.

By what method Will I Know If My Purchase If Successful?

You will get a SMS warning for an effective buy.

At the point when Will Auto-Renewal For Flex Bundles Be Done?

Restoration will be done at midnight. In the event that you don’t have adequate broadcast appointment, the reestablishment will be done when you top-up and have sufficient broadcast appointment on your line.

What Is The Validity Of The Flex Bundle?

Legitimacy of the Flex groups is subject to what you have chosen, Daily – Valid for 24 hours Weekly – Valid for 7 days Monthly – Valid for 30 days Free FLEX – 24 hours.

Would i be able to Use My Flex Units To Call/SMS Other Networks?

Truly, the FLEX Units can be utilized for both neighborhood on Net and off Net Calls and SMS. Universal calls and utilization while meandering


will be charged from your broadcast appointment.

How Do I Check My Flex Balance?

You may check your Flex adjust on *100# and *200#

Would i be able to Buy A Flex Bundle For Someone Else?

Truly you can. You will have the capacity to purchase FLEX for an outsider by means of USSD (*100# and *200#)

Will My Airtime Be Used If I Have Flex Units?

FLEX Units will be utilized first before your broadcast appointment. You will be charged from your broadcast appointment once your FLEX package is exhausted.

On the off chance that I Have A Data Bundle Or SMS Bundle And Purchase Flex, What Is The Priority If Usage?

The utilization need is Free Resources (Stori Ibambe reward, free minutes, free information) Bonga reclamation for SMS, information, minutes and broadcast appointment. Information groups, SMS packs FLEX Airtime.

I Have An Advantage Plus Bundle/Karibu Postpay. Would i be able to Purchase Flex?

Right now, you can just buy FLEX Units after your package lapses or after you end the Advantage Plus/Karibu contract.

Would i be able to Sambaza My Flex Units Once Purchased?

No, FLEX Units are not transferable to another number.

Do I Get Storo Bonus When I Buy Flex?

Indeed, FLEX buy adds to your Stori Ibambe focus upon the arrival of procurement.

Would i be able to Use My Flex Units For Roaming?

No, the offers can be utilized for just nearby on Net and off Net Calls and SMS.

Will Flex Units Be Rolled Over?

All FLEX Units will have rollover with underneath conditions. For auto-reestablish packs, FLEX groups will be moved over consequently if the client has enough broadcast appointment when restoration is done at midnight. FLEX week by week and month to month groups will roll each other with the longest legitimacy being accepted.

Will Skiza And PRS Services Be Billed From Flex?

Skiza and VAS administrations won’t be charged from FLEX. These will be charged from the broadcast appointment in your record. This will likewise apply for chargeable USSD codes.