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NTSA driving licence checker:how to check driving licence validity in Kenya

by NBI

The National Transport and Safety Authority (ntsa) has documented high rates of fraudulent driving licenses on most roadways around the country over the years. It is unlawful to use a phoney driver’s license in Kenya, and if you are caught, you will face serious consequences from the authorities. Fortunately, the NTSAhas devised several solutions to this issue, including giving Kenyan drivers a digital driver’s license.

You may now apply for an e-driving license at any ntsa location or even online at the ntsa website as long as you have the proper paperwork and are a qualified driver approved by a recognized driving school in Kenya. Nonetheless, keep in mind that this new generation of licenses comes with a 20-point penalty if you commit any traffic violation. When your points are exhausted, you will no longer be able to drive on Kenyan roads.

On the other hand, with the widespread use of the internet and online services throughout the country, checking the status of your driver’s license may be done at your leisure as long as your know-how. In this article, we’ll look at how to look into ntsa driving test results and their authenticity utilizing several approaches.


In any case, since a smartphone can be quickly accessible in this century, this should be the most applicable method. Recharge your smartphone using Airtime, in Safaricom or airtel, and keep in mind that this approach works with all of the country’s main mobile providers. Send your National ID number to the shortcode 22846 in the format DL XXXX Where (XXXX ) is the person’s original ID number. To check for a PSV driver or conductor’s license, simply SMS the person’s ID number to 22846 using this format of OP XXXXX. Again the XXXXX is the person’s National identity number

ntsa tims Account

You may remember that we indicated before in this article that the e-driving license may be obtained faster via the ntsa website; well, my tims account will also be pretty useful in this situation. Log in to your ntsa tim portal to check if your driver’s license is genuine or fake, but first, go to the tims portal and then register your information; otherwise, you won’t be recognized. To check whether the driving license you’re presently using is under your name and your National ID, you’ll need to have an active ntsa tim account. You can also use this gateway to determine when your driver’s license will expire. What a wonderful idea!

ntsa App

Most government services in Kenya are now digitized due to technological advancements across the board, as opposed to the past, when people had to queue for extended periods to be serviced. It can now be done easily with a single click using the eCitizen portal. ntsa has made a comparable transition to digital media. The organization has useful mobile apps that Android and iOS users may readily get via the Platforms’ respective App stores. You will need to Log in with your data, scroll over the Driving License Verification Tab, enter your National ID number, and then click verify after you’ve downloaded the ntsa android App to your phone. Wait for the app to check the validity of your license before seeing the results on the phone screen. You may likewise use the same app to check the status of your driver’s license. 

ntsa Centers 

This choice is most useful if you have been unable to get assistance online, whether through the eCitizen portal, the online TIMS portal, or the ntsa App. If this is the circumstance, you can contact any ntsa office in your location at any time. Remember to bring your driver’s license and also your national identity card with you, as the official in charge may want to double-check your information.

ntsa contacts

The Kenya National Transport and Safety Authority may be reached at:

  • Hill Park Building, Nairobi’s Upper Hill
  • 0709 932 000 or 0709 932 500 (Safaricom line)
  • 020 6632 000 or 020 6632 500 (Telkom line)
  • info@ntsa.go.ke, complaints@ntsa.go.ke, and integrity@ntsa.go.ke are all valid email addresses

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