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Mpesa to Paypal money transfer-step by step process

by NBI

How do I transfer money from paypal to Mpesa? This EXCLUSIVE article will show you how to transfer your money from Mpesa to PayPal. Simple Step by step process. Paypal made a TransferTo partnership with Mpesa lately to ensure the transfer of money between the two platforms.

If you have ever done work online, then you must have owned a PayPal account at one time. Nevertheless, if you have not yet owned one, we will have to explain in details what a Paypal account really is in this article. Away from this section of people who use this service when they want to transfer money from the US to their family or friends in Kenya or from Kenya to the US. Mainly, we will discuss how to transfer money from Mpesa to Paypal wallet in Kenya.

Mpesa to PayPal Requirements

To fit for this service, one needs the following requirements:

  • A valid Paypal account in Kenya
  • Safaricom sim card with active M-Pesa account
  • stable internet
  • A smartphone
  • Restrict mobile background data

How to Create a PayPal Mpesa account in Kenya

To achieve this transfer, the first step is to have a Paypal Mpesa account. Here are the easy steps to follow to create one.

here are the steps:

Go to this Paypal Mpesa website

The initial step is to sign up if you don’t already have a Paypal account

If you don’t own a Paypal account, click on sign up button

Once you have signed up for PayPal, click on Link accounts

You will get a confirmation code in the number you have input to link accounts

Once approved, a new tab will open on the portal.

How then do you transfer money from my Mpesa to Paypal?

Following successfully signing up and logging in to your account, a new tab with two options will open:

  1. Choose Top-up to Paypal
  2. A new tab will begin, go to the calculator and verify the amount in Kenya Shillings you will need to top up to equivalent the US dollars
  3. Then go to Mpesa Menu and select Lipa na Mpesa then select the Pay bill number
  4. Enter Business number 800088
  5. Your phone number will be your account number
  6. Enter your pin and then send
  7. You have now topped up your Paypal wallet account with Mpesa

Once you have successfully topped up your Paypal account with Mpesa, you are now loose to shop from anywhere in the whole world in the comfort of your room even from Amazon. It is, nevertheless, essential to note that, this topped cash may take around 4 hours to be processed. Furthermore, if it still doesn’t detect, please log in into your online Paypal account.

The other reception that one could do with Paypal Mpesa transfer is to be able to withdraw from Paypal wallet. Most of us may have used at one time used this service several times in the past as we may have a relative who sends money home from the United States or even a client. Here is how to go about withdrawing your Money from Paypal to Mpesa.

How to Withdraw your Money from Paypal to Mpesa

Here are the easy steps to follow:

  • Log in to your Paypal account and then pick Paypal Mpesa services
  • Select Withdraw from Paypal
  • The available PayPal balance will be displayed. You should note that you can only withdraw up to your available balance( there are no overdrafts here)
  • Enter the total amount that you want to withdraw
  • A new tab will open, whereby you will be shown the amount to receive in Kenyan shillings, exchange rate, and the expected transaction time
  • Confirm and then execute the transaction costs

Withdrawing money from Paypal takes typically a longer processing time that is between 2 to 3 business days. But, before you confirm your transaction, the period it will take to make a withdrawal will be displayed.

However, it is very necessary to note that the maximum amount one can transact ranges between Ks 140,000 per day to Ksh.70,000 per transaction.


Users of m-pesa in Kenya, India, South Africa region and other countries m-pesa operates in can now link m-pesa Account to PayPal account. PayPal is perhaps one of the largest payment names/company when it comes to online payment.

This gives users of m-pesa a means of buying goods and services online as PayPal is not only widely known but further widely accepted online. They can similarly get paid for providing goods and services on the internet which can in change be transferred to you m-pesa account.

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