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Top 10 most watched TV stations in Kenya 2021

by NBI
most watched TV stations in Kenya

TV stations remain the most common means of receiving news updates and other kinds of entertainment. In Kenya, the Communications Authority of Kenya (CAK) constantly monitors and ranks the country’s TV stations. According to the administration, TV viewership reaches its peak during prime time 6 pm-10 pm because it needs active visual participation, which is impossible if consumers engage in other activities during the day. During the day, the TV stations experience relatively similar viewership with a spike at 1 pm as Kenyans watch the news.
Here are the top 10 most popular TV stations in Kenya.

Rank TV station Share of audience
1. Citizen TV 48%
2. KTN Home 11.9%
3. Inooro TV 10.4%
4. NTV (10.1%) 10.1%
5. KTN News 9.9%
6. K24 TV 6%
7. KBC 3.3%
8. Ebru TV 3.1%
9. Kameme 3%
10. Switch TV 2.9%

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