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Most Downloaded PSP Games for Android Phones 2021 (PPSSPP 2021)

by NBI
Most Downloaded PSP Games for Android Phones

PSP lovers can now play their preferred PlayStation Portable games with joy and satisfaction on their Android devices and know the latest action and interesting mobile games to download and play this 2021.

PSP is known for its portability and super good audio, which makes it more comfortable to carry about and play your favorite video games anywhere with a good audio background. Without holding your favorite games installed, you can’t play games with your PSP.

Download Small Size ISO PPSSPP Game

Greetings gamers. Who doesn’t know PSP games? I think every gamer will already know this. From time to time, the video game mod updates always appear. The ease of developing engaging Android games is the main attraction for modders.

Modifications can be done from various sides, which can bring something new to the game. This sports-style game is very popular with various game lovers. This game, which has more than a million followers, can be played via an Android smartphone. Wow, very blessed Android users. For beginners, don’t worry at all; you can still enjoy the excitement of this game from the different updates that have been released. So you don’t need to worry anymore if you desire just one version of the game. We share it free of charge with you here. Interesting right? Without spending a dime in your pocket.

What is PPSSPP

PPSSPP is an acronym for the “PlayStation Portable Simulator Suitable for Playing Portably”; it is an official open-source PSP emulator for Android, Windows, iOS systems, Mac OS, Linus, and Blackberry 10. PPSSPP Project was created by developer Henrik Rydgård and was first launched on 1st November of 2012, and got a license under the GNU GPLv2.


PPSSPP supports mobile games that come in CSO format – a compressed ISO file. This is why most PPSSPP games are saved with an. ISO extension while few are saved with an.CSO extension. PPSSPP games saved in this form will not normally run on Android devices except with a PSP emulator.

PlayStation Portable Games the (PSP Games) come with great HD graphics, so when you play them on your Android device, you enjoy the same graphics as when you play them with any Windows computer or console. Because of this, PPSSPP android games are becoming more popular, and many people are downloading and installing them. As you read further on the post, you will see a comprehensive list of the “best PPSSPP games” and their free download links.

Best PSP Emulators?

There are many types of PSP emulators for Android, but just very few will deliver the very best experience. Some of the features of a great PSP emulator include high speed, ease of use for gamers, good UI, and stability. Having said that, the two best PSP android emulator apps for Android are the PPSSPP emulator and PPSSPP Gold. They are the very best because they support a lot of PSP games and runs very fast – giving HD graphics and other interesting features of PPSSPP games. Additionally, by using correct PPSSPP settings to match the abilities and capabilities of your Android phones, the PPSSPP games the apk file will run smoother on your phone without lags. This implies for better performance, and you have to apply the best game settings.


  • You need a PPSSPP-PSP emulator
  • Your Android powered Phone
  • At least 4GB free space
  • At least a 1GB of RAM
  • ZArchiver/ZArchiver Pro App
  • ISO file of the game you want to play
  • Internet connection for online games

Best PSP Games/ROMs in 2021 PPSSPP

Below we have given all the links that you can use to download the game files. Make sure that your internet connection is stable and super fast so that you can have it as soon as possible. The PSP video games list of all PSP games and the best and latest PSP games in 2021:

FIFA 2021

With the new FIFA 2021 (the FIFA 21) game, you can do a lot. You can build your own team or simply play your Ultimate Team. The game will allow you to take on your friends and show your skills in the football action of FIFA Mobile. There are several ways to winning.


The PES 2019 is the top PSP game on our list. PES 2019 PSP PPSSPP iso is one of the loved best football games to play with updated players, cool video graphics, and stunning live commentary.

The Pro Evolution Soccer is extremely improved in Goal Tactics and Techniques with an impressive improvement in the passing of balls and also in Trading of players.

God of War – Ghost of Sparta

God of War: Ghost of Sparta connects the gap between the first and second God of War games and is the second entry for the franchise on the PSP platform.

God of War: Chains of Olympus is also the second God of War PSP game that shows a particular part of Kratos’ life combined with battles and additionally explains the story of how he became to be a complete god from the development of God of War to God of War 2.

Download: God of War: Ghost Of Sparta Iso

Size: 1.1GB

Download: God Of War Chains Of Olympus Iso

Optimized Version: GOW Chains Of Olympus CSO Optimized

Size: 1.2 GB

Assassin’s Creed – Bloodline

One month has gone by since Altaïr has assassinated all the Templar leaders of the holy land. Now he will be meeting another enemy, under the leadership of Armand Bouchart, a Templar leader. He will move across Cyprus to hunt down the Templar’s head and stop the temple’s scheme. Bloodlines on PSP is the first Assassin’s Creed game on the PSP. It reflects the story of Altair right after the events of Assassin’s Creed as Altair tracks down the last Templars who escaped the Holy Land and retreated to the Island of Cyprus.

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