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List of the Poorest people in Kenya

by NBI
List of the Poorest people in Kenya

We have all read about the list of the richest people in Kenya who owns the most wealth in the country. In this article we will highlight the poorest people in Kenya who are at the bottom of the economy.

  • Wanjiku

Wanjiku is the poorest person in Kenya and every politician knows about her. Most Kenyans also know about Wanjiku who can’t afford basic needs.

  • Atieno

She is also one of the poorest after Wanjku. Also known very well with politicians. Atieno works odd jobs to survive.

  • Chepkirui

This Kenyan was born at night while people were asleep. Coming from the Rift valley, Chepkirui suffers just as much as Atieno and Wanjiku.

  • Wawuda

From the coastal region, this Kenyan is one of the poorest and works hard every day to make ends meet.

  • Kerubo
  • Nehema



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