List of Kenya Police Service ranks


The Kenya Police Service is a national governing body in charge of law enforcement in Kenya. The Kenya police force was founded as a British colonial police force in 1907. While managed at a national level, each arm reports to a County police Commander, which in turn divides its force into the local Police Divisions headquartered at local police stations in the counties. All these bodies report to a Kenya Police Headquarters located in Nairobi. The Kenya Police wear badges of rank on their shoulders (Inspector-General – Inspector) and the sleeve (Senior Sergeant – Constable) of their official uniform to denote their rank.
The order of Kenya Police Service ranks is as follows, from the highest to the lowest rank.

Order Rank
1. Inspector General of Police
2. Deputy Inspector General
3. Senior Assistant Inspector General
4. Assistant Inspector General
5. Commissioner of Police
6. Senior Superintendent
7. Superintendent
8. Assistant Superintendent
9. Chief Inspector
10. Inspector
11. Senior Sergeant
12. Sergeant
13. Corporal
14. Constable