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List Of Children’s Homes In Nairobi county

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Here is a list of children’s homes in Nairobi county. There are numerous children’s homes located in Nairobi county. The homes provide a good and safe haven for orphaned, impoverished and abandoned children by providing them with love, basic essentials and hope for an even better future.

Here is a list of all children’s homes in Nairobi.

1. Imani Children’s Home

Imani takes care of the deserted, orphaned, the neglected children and those whose privileges have been violated.

Location: Soweto, Kayole.

Contact: 0716 630 900.

2. AIC Children’s Home

The home provides a safe refuge for orphaned, abandoned and disregarded children in Kenya.

Location: AIC Building, Ralph Bunche Road.

Contact: 020 272 0779.

3. Mama Ngina Children’s Home

It was established in 1969 to ensure the survival and safety of all children to facilitate their participation and development to their greatest potential.

Location: Muhoho Avenue, South C.

Contact: 0723 871 744.

4. Happy Life Children’s Home

It delivers a home and hopes to precious abandoned infants and a hope for adoption. It also equips children with quality Christian education and trade to equip them for future employment.

Location: Roysambu & Juja

Contacts: 0714 593 926, 0723 024 327.

5. Joy Divine Children Orphanage

Joy Divine is an independent children’s home working with other partners to transform the lives of orphaned and ditched children.

Location: Along Outer Ring Road.

Contact: 0724 761 868.

6. Flomina Children’s Home

Flomina offers protection, education and love to orphans and also abandoned children in Kenya.

Location: Embakasi.

Contact: 022 377 652.

7. Kwetu Home of Peace

It saves children living on the street, rehabilitates them and gives them an opportunity to grow and heal. The rescued children are equipped with basic services such as food, medical care, remedial academic instruction and counselling.

Location: Next to Strathmore University, Madaraka Estate.

Contact: 0727 522 152.

8. Baraka Children’s Home

The home was established in 2009 by Margaret Kimaru. It targets kids of less fortunate mothers in Kimenu, Kayole and Komarock for the sake of protecting the rights of their children, whereby the number of street kids was on the rise.

Contact: 0722 364 284.

9. Good Samaritan Children’s Home

The home supports orphaned, abused, ignored and vulnerable children from all regions of Kenya.

Location: Mathare Area 3B.

Contacts: 0722 323 678, 0723 346 169.

10. Mogra Children’s Home

It is a registered children’s centre that helps homeless and abandoned kids in Nairobi.

Location: Along Kiambu Road.

Contacts: 0722 304 525.

11. Eternal Hope Children Orphanage

The orphanage delivers a safe and clean environment for orphaned and neglected kids in Kenya.

Location: Embakasi.

Contact: 0705 714 865.

12. Dream Children’s Home

It is a registered orphanage home in Kenya that takes care of orphans and ditched children.

Location: Along Ngong-Kiserian Road.

Contact: 0720 841 175.

13. Tumaini Children’s Home

Tumaini is an undertaking of the Presbyterian Church of East Africa. It accepts orphaned and vulnerable children between the ages of 3-5 years.

Location: Ngong.

Contact: 0707 257 000 or 0733 400 023.

14. Cottolengo Centre

The children centre was established in 1994 with the main aim of taking care of helpless, abandoned and orphaned children infected or impacted by HIV. It mainly admits HIV positive kids under one year.

Location: Karen.

Contact: 020 388 4365.

15. Rehema Home

Rehema Home saves orphaned and abandoned children in Kenya. It is dedicated to caring for each child, regardless of their health status, bringing them in and providing them with love and further instilling in them hope for a better future.

Location: Mukima Drive.

Email: info@rehemahome.org.

16. Mully Children’s Home

The home has been extending its doors and providing hope to street children, orphans, desperate and other neglected children. It supplies them with food, shelter, good education, spiritual guidance and mentorship.

Contact: 0733 333 121.

17. Maji Mazuri Children’s Centre

The centre tends to mentally and physically challenged kids, orphans and vulnerable children.

Location: Maji Mazuri, Mwiki.

Contact: 020 271 4869.

18. Angel Centre

Angel Centre is a non-governmental institution that takes in abandoned and orphaned infants, 2 years of age and below.

Location: Waithaka rd, Behind Dagoretti High School.

Contact: 0712 355 583.

19. Nyumbani Children’s Home

The home delivers life-saving care and a loving home to more than 100 HIV positive kids in Kenya. The children stay at the home until they are healthy and self-reliant.

Location: Karen.

20. Agape Hope Children’s Centre

The centre has a school with a registration of about 300 kids and an orphanage that houses 48. It mainly helps orphans and vulnerable children, especially those impacted by HIV/AIDS.

Location: Waithaka.

Contact: 0704 874 128.

21. St Marian Children’s Centre

The St Marian children Centre has been engaged in providing quality shelter for rescued children from domestic violence, sexual abuse, child labour, sudden death or disappearance of parents.

Location: Mukuru Slums, South B.

Contact: 0710 748 106.

22. Destiny Rescue Centre

It was founded to cater for orphans and abandoned children in Nairobi lacking basic needs such as shelter, clothing, good food, parental care, counselling and also medication.

Location: Huruma Ngei 2 Area.

Contacts: 0714 754 934, 0725 670 450.

23. Nazarene Orphans Centre

The centre was established in 2004 to care for orphaned and vulnerable children by providing them education, shelter, clean food and medication.

Location: Soweto Slums, Kayole.

24. Cheryl’s Children’s Home

It is a Christian based organisation operating with socially disadvantaged children by equipping them with basic needs such as clean food, clothing, shelter and medication.

Location: Dagoretti.

Contact: 0725 999 663.

25. Havilla Children’s Home

It caters for morally orphaned children, and the plight of the orphans is its basic task.

Location: Mwiki- Njiru Road.

Contact: 0722 810 429.

26. Mama Fatuma Children’s Home

The home delivers a safe, healthy and loving environment for abandoned, orphaned and also vulnerable children.

Location: Eastleigh.

Contact: 0723 253 549.

27. Nairobi Children’s Rescue Centre

It is the only government-operated children’s home for orphaned and abandoned kids up to six years of age in Nairobi.

Location: Lower Kabete Road.

Contact: 0705 608 824.

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