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List of Best SportLemon Alternatives To Watch Sports Online

by NBI
SportLemon Alternatives

When it comes to streaming sports shows, SportLemon is the go-to place online. On that website, it is possible for lovers of sport shows to stream sport such as tennis, hockey, football, basketball, baseball, US football, boxing, moto live, and more.

More reason why people love the website is that as a user, you can watch any sport that’s trending online just as it is being played.

SportLemon Top Features

  • Provides trending match of any sport instantly
  • The site is simple and easy to navigate
  • Livestream any match of your choice at any time
  • Multiple links are provided, so you make your choice
  • It runs flexibly on all browsers
  • No third-party applications or add-ons are needed for you to use this website
  • You don’t need to pay to watch the matches

SportLemon Alternatives

Of course, if there’s only one site or a few offering some services, users may not be able to enjoy such services as often as they wish. It is either the website gets bogged down with too much traffic, or the user could fail to find what he or she wants at a particular time. That’s why the alternatives to SportLemon are very important to users.

We advise that you get yourself familiar with those we outline below. That will help you to know which one you can depend on for better service.

  1. MamaHD

This site operates very well whether you’re using a mobile phone or browsing on your laptop.

Why Fans Love it: You can watch unlimited sports on the site. Even completed sports events highlights are available for those who are interested. You can view game schedules, find numerous links and watch sports without any redirection. Best of all, it is totally free.

Visit MamaHD

  1. BossCast

This one is believed to be next to SportLemon in popularity, and therefore, it is seen as the best alternative to SportLemon. It offers more than 130 sports channels.

Why Fans Love it: It is easy to use on any device, and users have enough sports channels to watch. It offers an easy scheduling system that fits individuals who prefer to make frequent schedules.

Visit BossCast

  1. MyP2P

This SportLemon alternative is easy to use as well and operates just like other good sports live streaming websites. The website is designed in such a way that visitors that browse are simply glued to it.

Why Fans Love it: It broadcasts live sports events, such as football, hockey, tennis, baseball, and more. It is totally free, and the beautiful interface of the platform attracts fans.

Visit MyP2P

  1. Feed2All

You can watch all your sports, especially live football matches, on this site. Whether it is mainly live broadcasts of football matches, or other sports activities, you’re welcome to stream them here for free.

Why Fans Love it: It also partners with several leading live sports streaming websites to satisfy the interests of users. Users are able to see matches played previously, those playing now, and those that are still on schedule. It is easy to navigate through both the home page and the inner pages.

Visit Feed2All

  1. StrikeOut

Here too, you can watch live sports programs. If you want to watch multiple events all at once, you’re welcome to do so on the StrikeOut website.

Why many Fans Love it: It is the best source for those who may not be using the internet on popular devices. It works pretty well with old-fashioned Android devices that its peers do. However. It requires a flash player installation if you must use it. Make sure the flash is updated frequently so that you can cut out the inconveniences of streaming on outdated applications.

Those who enjoy streaming football, MLB are said to especially love this sports streaming website.

Visit StrikeOut

  1. goATDee

This SportLemon alternative is known as the best in the United States of America. However, not all in that country see it as the best. Good to say that the interface is not as great as the other sports streaming websites.

Why Fans Love it: The news and entertainment streaming are great. The users get all those facilities without a charge.

Visit goATDee

  1. FirstRow Sports

Lovers of football or soccer games are naturally glued to FirstRow Sports. Although it broadcasts several other sports which users can stream, this website’s priority is to satisfy the quest of soccer lovers worldwide. It also requires Adobe flash player install before anyone can stream soccer matches on it.

Why Fans Love it: Its dedication to soccer niche, however, if you get tired at times and want to shift attention to other things, you can also enjoy sports streaming shows on the website.

Visit FirstRow Sports

  1. StopStream

Considered to be one of the best SportLemon alternatives out there, StopStream provides access to streaming of more sporting activities than most of the sports live streaming websites. The design and color of the interface are attractive to users worldwide.

Why Fans Love it: Users love the fact that all sports events are listed on the home page of the site. It makes it easy for all users to know about ongoing sporting events and those that will occur later. All that information can be found on the home page.

Visit StopStream

  1. CricFree

As the name suggests, this live sports streaming service is also totally free to use. Users can get ongoing sports events, scores, and schedules right from the home page of the site. There are about 12 categories of sports to choose from. If you like, watch these events simultaneously.

Why Fans Love it: The multiple categories attract returning visitors to the site. There’s a chat section in which users can interact with themselves. They often chat about their favorite sports.

Visit CricFree

  1. SportStream

The site provides more information on live sports events. Although it works somehow like StopStream works, its main effort is galvanized at what is going on now in the world of sport, while everything else is secondary.

Why Fans Love it: Enjoy uninterrupted live sports streaming activities, starting right from the home page of the site. It is open for use from anywhere in the world, and users love the provision of lives cores presented to them.

Visit SportStream


Take note that you may find out that one or two of the live stream sports websites mentioned above could be your favorite. Make sure to try them all and see which one serves your needs the most. If for example, you make use of the mobile phone to visit these sites, you will notice that some sites are better displayed on mobile devices than others.

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