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List of Best Sites to Download Full Version PC Games for Free in 2022

by NBI
List of Best Sites to Download Full Version PC Games for Free

Gaming is a universal endeavor among old and young. Today, more adults are jumping on the bandwagon of game lovers so that they can find new ways of easing off stress.

If we want to play the best games made for PC without paying anything, we no longer have to rely on piracy at all (which can lead to installing malware), but it is better to rely on sites with free, freely downloadable games. Furthermore, in addition to those released with formulas such as Freetoplay of, which are open source and free for everyone, it is also possible to play the latest video games for free, with temporary offers.

Are you looking for sites to download free games? So be happy now as this article will be a huge source of help for you as free game download sites are provided here. Do you love gaming? You could be searching for the best sites to download full version PC games for free. Read on to see the top platform where you can download these games.

  1. Steam

You can find games in different categories on this platform—puzzle, action, RPG, simulation, strategy, adventure – you name it. The variety of games on the site makes it easy for you to keep coming back. Did you know? When it comes to video games platforms and stores, Steam is one of the biggest names.

  1. Mega Games

This was created for hardcore gamers. If you’re the type who sleeps, eat, wake and breathe gaming, this platform is one you definitely need to check out. On that platform, you can find a freeware section that’s filled with free games that include lots of Indie and lesser-known titles so that you can try new arenas and broaden your gaming perspectives.

  1. Origin

It is not the origin of video games, but it actually is one of the best platforms where you can download full version free PC games. Check out FIFA, Madden, Mass Effect, and other big names in the video gaming world, and this platform is your one-stop platform for video gaming. You even get Twitch streaming to spice up the fun. Though this platform doesn’t have many free games for you to download, it definitely is an excellent place to look. For example, Apex Legend is free to download on this platform.

  1. Battle.net

This is a gaming distribution platform. It is great for finding free games from a huge list. The following games, World of Warcraft, Hearthstone, Starcraft II, are among the find on this platform. The one thing you will find here is that the platform has social features for connecting friends.

  1. Epic Games Store

These days, the platform is a great contender for the best free-to-download gaming sites. There are free titles as well as paid. You can rest assured that you will get free titles on this platform regularly. One reason why you would love Epic Games Store is that it has many big free games for download. These include Genshin Impact and World of Warships.

  1. Acid Play

Here, you can find many free simple games that include lots of Indie titles. Games developed by individuals are also here. It is one platform that makes it easy for you to free download free games individually. You can search by genre or by platform. You can find the latest freeware games on this platform.

  1. Softpedia

This platform offers a limited list of free games download links. The links are direct, and you don’t have to worry if there will be complications as you try to download from the direct free gaming links offered here. Some of the types of games that you can find here are RTS games, RPG games, and puzzle games too.

  1. Ocean of Games

Some have praised the platform for offering a useful list of free games in a range of genres. It also receives some bashing for its simple and old-looking navigation. Once you bust into the platform as a first-time visitor, you’ll be thinking it is a blog. The posts are dedicated to making you understand the games and help you decide whether to download them or not. It offers direct download links for many free games.

  1. GameTop

It offers many low-end games that you can download for PCs that don’t have enough space to host a large full version game. The site offers various categories; you can also see new releases, as well as other major information you need to know. There are online games that you can enjoy as you play them on the website, but you need a good internet connection to actually enjoy these ones.

  1. Gamulator

In a nutshell, this site offers some of the best retro games downloads for free. But it also does other things like offer download of all sorts of retro console ROMs and ISOs. There are also game emulators such as GBA, PSP, PS1, and more. The most interesting aspect of the site is that you can download the most popular retro games online.

  1. CNET

This is a platform that offers download for many things – including free games. You can find the free games download at the section where you find generic downloads (CNET download). It is possible to download both popular and new games from CNET, many of them for free. Be informed that not all the games on this platform are free. So, as you choose, take note of the ones that are totally free to download.

  1. MyRealGames

Here’s another free gaming download site for those who aren’t looking for large games. On this site, games are categorized into online, computer, and mobile games. Take your pick. Find several different genres on this platform. Also, it is interesting to know that you find a few translated versions of free games.

  1. AOL Games

Not a site to download games, but anyone on the platform can find games to play online. This is one of the best websites to play games online, so even if you don’t think it is worth it, take a look because you have the option of not signing up to play those games for free right there on the platform. So, just visit and try it out. For those who don’t want to overload their PC, this is definitely the best place to look for playing full version free games.

  1. Caiman

I personally love this platform with its many accessible games. Racing games, puzzles, card games, casinos, line-up games, retro games, etc., and part of the exciting games you can get here. The site’s layout makes it easy for you to download games, many of which are not heavy at all. You will love this platform because there is no adware, no spyware, no demo, only freeware games for you to download and enjoy.


Here are some of the best free gaming platforms I have been able to list from the internet. There could have been others, but it looks like because of difficulties, they’re offline. Caiman, too, has been offline for some time, but now it is back and serving the interests of visitors.

Immediately playing the most famous and newly distributed games on the market without paying a penny is practically impossible unless you rely on piracy (with all the risks involved). If we are very patient, sooner or later, the famous games will be given away with the timed offers of the stores seen above, or they will become free so that we can play them without spending anything and without entering any payment method.


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