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James Orengo Biography

Date of Birth: 1951

Place of Birth: Ugenya,Siaya county

Career: Lawyer

James Orengo Education

1971 – 1974 : Undergraduate Student of University of Nairobi (LLB)

1965 – 1970 : Secondary School Student of Alliance High School

1958 – 1964 : Primary School Student of Ambira Primary School

James Orengo Political Positions

Begun eleventh March 2013 : Senator for Siaya of Senate

Begun thirteenth February 2013 : Coalition Member of Coalition for Reforms and Democracy

Begun 2008 : Cabinet Minister of Lands

2007 – fourth March 2013 : Member of Parliament for Ugenya

Begun 2005 : Member of Orange Democratic Movement

2002 : Aspirant President

1997 – 2002 : Member of Parliament for Ugenya

1992 – 1997 : Member of Parliament for Ugenya

James Orengo Political Career

Reforms and multi-party democracy

Orengo turned out to be outstanding for his battle against unjust rule. Orengo alongside Michael Kijana Wamalwa, Kiraitu Murungi, Raila Odinga, Paul Muite were among the Young Turks who alongside Jaramogi Oginga Odinga, Masinde Muliro and Martin Shikuku realized the what was named as Kenya’s second freedom, they shaped the impressive Forum for the Restoration of Democracy(FORD), a vehicle that about pushed KANU the decision party out of energy in the 1992 general race. He is an establishing individual from Muungano wa Mageuzi (Movement for Change), a cross gathering hall gathering.

James Orengo Parliamentary Career

Orengo was chosen as a MP for Ugenya Constituency as a KANU applicant in a bye race in 1980. He turned into the most youthful MP at age 29. Orengo was in this way chose as a MP in December 1992 on a FORD-Kenya ticket. He was re-chosen in December 1997 on a Ford-Kenya ticket however lost his seat in the 2002 general decisions when he likewise challenged for the Presidency on a Social Democratic Party ticket.

James Orengo 2002 Presidential run

Orengo kept running for administration in 2002 for the Social Democratic Party(SDP), however completed fourth with only 0.4% of the votes. His gathering lost the greater part of its parliamentary spots, the same number of SDP’s driving figures had joined the NARC coalition.

James Orengo Return to Parliament

Starting at 2007 he was as yet the SDP executive. The gathering bolstered Raila Odinga of Orange Democratic Movement at the 2007 general races. In the 2007 decisions Orengo won the Ugenya Parliamentary seat on an ODM ticket. He had been out of parliament since the 2002 decisions in the wake of losing the seat to Arcbishop Stephen Ondiek.

Amid the post-race emergency, Orengo filled in as one of four representatives for the Orange Democratic Movement in its endeavors to settle its debate with the Party of National Unity following the questioned presidential races in Kenya in 2007.

James Orengo Contacts

Twitter: @Orengo_james

Facebook: @Kenyasas

James Orengo Ministerial Career

Orengo was confirmed as a Minister for Lands in the new Coalition Government framed by the National Accord Act of 2008. This is his first stretch as a bureau Minister.

Orengo uncovered the offer of the Grand Regency lodging at 2.7 billion Kenyan Shillings (roughly $30 million US). He reported the exchange of proprietorship from the Central Bank of Kenya to the new Libyan proprietors had occurred under the course of Amos Kimunya, back priest. This has set off the Grand Regency Scandal.

James Orengo Age

James Orengo age was conceived in 1951.

James Orengo Family

James Orengo Children

Insights about James Orengo kids will be refreshed soon.

James Orengo Wife – Betty Murungi

James Orengo is hitched to Betty Murungi.

James Orengo latest News

Five ways James Orengo has ended up being splendid attorney amid the Supreme Court Petition

The request of at the Supreme Court had numerous things to respect and rebuke; from the ban to the seat and from the court to the national gathering of people. Altogether, I should offer it to the leader of the court for making a free yet develop climate that permitted civil argument and entries. I think numerous about the individuals who took after the petitions respected his quiet, grinning and guaranteeing face. By and large he didn’t seem to force it on the bar nor the group of onlookers and he consistently enabled the court’s power to grow and develop without anyone else’s input – as it should.

There was similarly ceremony and fun-admission, the robes by both the bar and the seat were well fitting, the fight at the passage to the court premises especially by the main applicants produced a few highs and lows. The request of the court to have all advice robed in my view, expelled fascination from the physical appearance of the gatherings to main problems within reach. Furthermore, in the expressions of the Facebook originator Mark Zurkerberger – the putting on of same garments regular evacuates the weight of changing the closet and the consideration that accompanies it while putting more accentuation on critical parts of life.

James Orengo is and will keep on being a center individual from the NASA crusade group in their interest to accomplish political power. In the event that the group won, Orengo would be one of the key columns to be commended, if the group got wounded Orengo would exposed a decent piece of the injury. In my examination, Orengo was so sincerely included to manage a target surge against their adversaries in an unbiased official courtroom.

Amid the whole court sessions Orengo, turned out to be amicable to both the courts and his enemies, never to pester or express a word that could draw in their refusal. In every one of the sessions – in some cases running till late in the night, he never, not once pulled in the negative fury of the judges. As a rule, he endeavored to make things simple and even straightforward like when he offered without much protection from reclaim his groups report intended to go with the court’s endorsed give an account of the structures 34As, 34Cs and additionally the IEBC servers.

His reactions were computed, conscious and here and there repentant. He was the correct inverse of the James Orengo in the battle field – where articulations were made without alert. He sort to smoothly yet succinctly demonstrate his focuses – he didn’t anytime raise his voice nor scowl at the additions of the court or rivals. He seemed to have separated from his political advantages in the issue and just so effortlessly without demonstrating any hint of it. He carried on like a man under a one of a kind otherworldly direction. His tone and non-verbal communication wound up adequate – he won the acknowledgment of the court and even that of his goal rivals. In straightforward words, he was a boon to speak to the NASA coalition in this appeal.

What’s more, people, James Orengo carried with him a unique blessing – he was not one to be bargained. We have heard numerous things turn out badly in courts, where guide creates frosty feet for one reason or the other. The NASA coalition had not questions in their psyches that Orengo could be not be traded off – in truth even adrenaline junkies could never have endeavored to bargain his convictions and feelings.

In conclusion perusers, I learnt one major lesson from everything; that there are things you can’t do or accomplish for the charm of cash. The way Orengo James held himself, the way he has driven the advice against the Jubilee, the power and stamina with which he has pushed their plan, the devotion to the convictions of his coalition are unmeasurable, and it can’t be paid by any fiscal terms. That administration probably been without given – any blessings/rewards appended in any case.

Embraced From The Standard Newspaper


Orengo lifts the cover on his 43 years of hard-handle legislative issues

Refreshed: 22.05.2016

When he joins Cord supporters Monday to heap weight on the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) chiefs to leave office, Mr James Aggrey Orengo will stamp his 43rd year in the trenches.

To a great extent viewed as a “boss mobiliser” of resistance exhibits, Jim or Bob — as companions and admirers call him — has throughout the previous four decades been secured up all police headquarters in Nairobi, and couple of open figures can coordinate the circumstances his name shows up in event books all through the nation.

“I have lost tally of the circumstances I have been a visitor of the State,” says the Siaya Senator, who was first chosen MP for Ugenya in 1980.

For the 64-year-old child of a policeman, insubordination has been his second nature at whatever point he feels a bad form has been conferred. Furthermore, it is dependably for a decent aim, he tells Lifestyle.

Ian Campbell, his chief at the Alliance High School, may have detected this in the 1960s when he watched that the young fellow could make an extraordinary pioneer however included a rider “… just on the off chance that he could be taught”.

Mr Orengo concedes that school administrators never had it simple.

“I was suspended from school for a wide range of reasons. On numerous events it was about the protection from have my life over-managed. I truly gave consuls trouble. Here and there I would not wake up, saying I was wiped out, but rather would not go to the healing center demanding a rest would do on the grounds that I was experiencing mental depletion,” he reviews.

James Orengo Serving Humanity

In a stopping, moderate, speeches far from the floor of Parliament and the road shows, one of the main lights of Kenya’s Second Liberation lifted the cover on his persevering part in political activism.

Like his home in Nairobi’s rich Runda domain, the workplace facilitating his law office in Lonrho House at the core of the city has an all around supplied library. It has a portion of the most recent titles uncovering another side of the unmistakable legal advisor and consummate debater.

From understudy governmental issues and being marked one of the “Seven Bearded Sisters” — Attorney-General Charles Njonjo’s reference to a modest bunch of youthful radical MPs in the mid 1980s — to his most recent engagements as Senator, Orengo says he has scarcely discovered time to rest.

“You get yourself not carrying on with some other life. When I ought to sit in the solace of my home and say ‘I have done my bit’, I recall the affirmation on the privileges of man and the nationals after the French Revolution of 1789 which says absent mindedness is the wellspring of hopelessness to the majority,” he says.

The mahogany table in his office is brightened with two surrounded high contrast representations of his late guardians, “a consistent indication of his agreement with them to serve mankind”.

He says he infers fulfillment in championing elective idea, which he accepts does not really suggest defiance.

“There was a period it was treasonable to state that the earth is round. In any case, there are the individuals who continued pounding that gospel until the point when it sunk. Information and advance are a result of battle. We should protect the accomplishments of our chance”.

Mr Orengo clarifies that perusing traditional essayists and works — including Plato, the histories of Cicero, Julius Caesar, Homer’s The Odyssey and The Iliad and Voltaire — in his developmental ages affected him an incredible arrangement.

“I likewise took after extraordinary individuals like Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Jnr and Mahatma Gandhi. Others with the endowment of the jabber like John F. Kennedy, Tom Mboya and Winston Churchill acquainted me with the legislative issues of change and change,” he says.

As a method for recollecting his days in understudy governmental issues, he every so often joins college understudies in shows however says dissimilar to now, understudy dissents, in the 1980s, were pegged on national and global issues, for example, the passing of JM Kariuki in 1975 and freedom of Palestine.

He first openly unsettled plumes on the national stage in 1973 when, as leader of the University of Nairobi understudies association, he drove dissents to wrest the esteemed design division from what he called the firm hold of Asians and Europeans.

Mass disappointment of African understudies toward the finish of year examinations at the college set off the agitation. He figured out how to get the bad habit chancellor, Prof Josephat Karanja – who might later turn into Kenya’s VP – to arrange an audit of the checking procedure.

“We framed an activity gathering to guarantee no one retreated on the terms of engagement. No exams were managed until the point that our grievances were routed agreeable to us,” he included, that a large number of the individuals who had been flopped later got decent evaluations. Persuading understudies to forego a few suppers to raise assets to propel the freedom developments in Africa push him on the world stage.

“Dar es Salaam was our ideological home. It was an extraordinary benefit when I introduced Sh200,000 to Mwalimu Nyerere in 1974 towards the battle for freedom in the involved countries in southern Africa,” he says.

James Orengo is a Brilliant senior Counselor

From that point on, he says, he has partaken in all the real exhibits that called for change — put something aside for the period in the vicinity of 2008 and 2013 when he was a clergyman in the Grand Coalition Government. Yet, even as pastor, he admits, there were events he had a craving for activating the majority to call attention to the overabundances and ills of government. Orengo says his first experience with legislative issues was in Madagascar where he had gone to examine. Understudies started a strike that took a national measurement and prompted the topple of President Philibert Tsiranana.

“When I joined the University of Nairobi, I instantly dove into understudy governmental issues,” he says.

He was in the bleeding edge disturbing for sacred changes in the 1990s, connecting with the police in running fights, until President Moi gave over power in 2002.

As of now, he is partaking in the “Involve IEBC” dissents which pit Cord on one side against the legislature on the other. While the Jubilee Government demands that any progressions to the constituent law must be done through Parliament, the Opposition, where Orengo has a place, says the law isn’t thrown in stone and additional parliamentary means are the best course out of the impasse.

Notwithstanding one’s political viewpoint, his legitimate direction is frequently looked for after. Indeed, even President Mwai Kibaki, who had a place with a contradicting camp at the stature of showing off finished another Constitution in his first term in office following the 2005 embarrassing choice thrashing, recognized in Parliament that there was no lack of legitimate personalities to draw a flawless archive. He proceeded to name Orengo.

Rope depends on his legitimate guidance when undertaking real choices and additionally portrayal in court.

Orengo says the hard-battled fight that constrained President Moi to revoke area 2A of the Constitution that cleared path for multiparty legislative issues in 1991, moving an unsuccessful vote of no-certainty against the Kanu strongman in 1998, and the sanctioning of the Constitution in 2010 have been some of his proudest minutes.

His battles have seen him highlight in notable pictures that characterize the nation’s political history, including blazing the two-finger salute in the battle for multi-party governmental issues.

“At an individual level, being picked as the representative for the International Students Union situated in Prague in my last year (1974) on grounds was no mean accomplishment. While there, I got the chance to connect with then Cuban President Fidel Castro and other world pioneers from Germany and Russia.”

Be that as it may, the passing of the nation’s first VP, Jaramogi Oginga Odinga in 1994, without accomplishing his fantasy of decision Kenya, was his most minimal minute.

Orengo, at that point among the purported “Youthful Turks” in the Opposition, was depicted as the right-hand man of the overwhelming Opposition pioneer and partner in Ford Kenya.

Incidentally, Orengo would later, in the mid-1990s, drop out with Raila Odinga, his guide’s most unmistakable child, over the initiative of Ford Kenya. Accordingly, in 2002 Orengo competed for the administration on a Social Democratic Party (SDP) ticket while Odinga tossed his weight behind Kibaki of the National Rainbow Coalition. He came a removed fourth in races won by President Kibaki.

Today, he is the dim cardinal in Odinga’s inward circle and says that their disparities in the past were more about procedure than conclusion.

In Cord, he is among those selected to help settle on who between Odinga, Kalonzo Musyoka (Wiper) and Moses Wetang’ula (Ford Kenya) will be the coalition’s presidential competitor one year from now.

Orengo says that being a dissident has not generally been simple and infrequently he needed to escape the nation for his own great.

He was ousted in Tanzania, Uganda and Zimbabwe in the mid 1980s to get away from the oppressive Kanu administration.

An endeavored overthrow against Tanzania’s President Julius Nyerere in 1964 would later cause issues down the road for Mr Orengo in the mid 1980s. He was repatriated nearby Kenya Air Force warriors who had endeavored to remove President Moi in 1982 of every a swap with Tanzanian fighters who had gotten away to Kenya.

He depicts the adventure from Namanga to Naivasha jail in a police lorry as the most nerve racking knowledge. He was conversely kept in Kamiti and Naivasha greatest detainment facilities. Sooner or later he imparted the cell to the 1982 endeavored overthrow pioneer Hezekiah Ochuka.

“It was an adventure to hellfire. We were beaten and subjected to all way of mishandle. You were relied upon to keep your head between your legs all through the whole frightening excursion,” he reviews.

For his steady unsettling, the legislature announced he would not be permitted to embrace his pupilage in Nairobi in the wake of finishing his law degree. He wound up in Kericho. Be that as it may, notwithstanding when he was from the capital, his activism was felt at State House. He was instrumental in arranging countrywide demos in the wake of lawmaker J.M. Kariuki’s fierce murder in 1975.

At the entombment function of Jaramogi in 1994, Orengo gave President Moi a tongue-lashing, blaming him for shedding crocodile tears when he had abused the old man. No man challenged challenge Moi to his face at that point.

James Orengo – Man of Passion

Be that as it may, he has needed to pay the cost for confronting the foundation. His youngsters were damaged to see their dad being captured and beaten by police.

“One episode that got me stressed most was the point at which I was captured and beaten by the police and my little girl, who was then in Standard Three, approached her instructor for a firearm to execute the President. I needed to race to class and have her directed,” he says.

The forefinger of his left hand did not completely recoup from police torment. What’s more, in spite of the fact that he says he isn’t angry, he laments that governmental issues and activism has denied him valuable family time.

“I endeavor to be as near my youngsters as I can. They have bolstered me in all I have experienced. My life partner Betty (Murungi), a legal counselor who is embraced such a great amount of work in compromise locally and past, has too been so kind yet I wish I could be there for them longer than I do,” he says.

He has seven youngsters – four young men and three young ladies and has so far figured out how to keep them far from the general population.

Far from the hard-handle legislative issues, the Senator is a fervent Real Madrid fan in the Spanish La Liga. He additionally plays the diversion every so often to stay in shape.

“Last year, I travelled to Spain to watch El Clasico (match between Real Madrid and Barcelona),” he says.

In the English Premier League, he supports Arsenal. He also enjoys jazz music and lingala.

His colleague in the Senate, Kiraitu Murungi, a man with whom they pushed for reforms in the 1990s – even though they have often found themselves in opposing political sides – says a good general knows when to be in the trenches and when to come out.

“We achieved all the things we went to the streets for. I, therefore, do not approve of protests in this day and age,” the Meru Senator says.

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