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Price Of Iron Sheets (Mabati roofing) In Kenya Today | Cost Per Gauge and Brand

Iron Sheet Gauge Iron sheet Cost/Price Iron Sheets Length Type
30′ iron sheets gauge 448-470 Kenya shillings/= 1 metre plain
32′ iron sheets gauge 37-420 Kenya shillings/= 1 metre plain

price/cost of Mabati in KenyaIn case you are currently planning to construct your roof, iron sheets are among the biggest parts.
You may therefore need to know the price of various types of iron sheets to decide your best fit. Here is the current cost of iron sheets in Kenya.

Latest Price List Of Iron Sheets Costs In Kenya Today

Brands & Type of Iron Sheet Price Of Mabati In Kenya
Imarisha Mabati’s wave tile is  available from sh.690
Imarisha Mabati bamboo tile KSh.680 per metre.
Versatile Taifa Mabati for about sh.690
Box Profile Matte costs about sh.600 per metre
Royal Mabati Corrugated Gloss  about sh.450 for the 30-gauge
Plain sheet glossy about sh. 485
Alloy Zinc Mabati about sh.430
Marine boards spy about sh.2500
Clear roofing sheets about sh.1600
MRM’s Zentile Mabati (28-gauge) about sh.1000
Orientile and Versatile Mabati (28-gauge) about sh.1000
Elegantile Mabati about sh.1100
Roman longtile matte about sh.850
Eurotile Matte about sh.850
Versatile Maisha colored roofing rides About sh.880 for the 28-gauge

The current cost of iron sheets also depends on the gauge and type of iron sheets. Here is the cost of different mabati gauges in Kenya.

Price Of Gauge 30 Iron Sheets Kenya Today | Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, Western, Nakuru

Mabati of 2M and gauge of 30 shall cost approximately 800 in a local hardware outlet.

About 500 shillings per meter square. For a plain gauge 30 mabati, expect them to cost around 480 shillings.

Price Of Gauge 32 Iron Sheets In Kenya

Gauge 32 mabati sheets of 2M length shall cost approximately 450 shillings.

Prices Of MRM Mabati In Kenya | Kisii, Kisumu, Eldoret

Metal Roofing TRUSSES updating
ZEE TILE MATTE @ ksh 750
Prices Of MRM Mabati In Kenya

A Little Background On Iron Sheets (Mabati) In Kenya

Iron sheets in Kenya are manufactured in sizes of length 2, 2.5, and 3 metres and a versatile width of 0.85 metres. The gauge of iron sheets defines how heavy or light they are.

The lower the gauge of a mabati sheet, the heavier the mabati. In Kenya, you will get iron sheets in gauges 30 and 32.

During the fixing of roofing, expect an overlap of your mabati. Therefore you require to choose a longer size to cater for the overlapping distance.

Frequently Asked Questions About Prices Of Iron Sheets In Kenya

What is the exact cost of roofing a House in Kenya in 2022?

This relies on the size of the building, as the cost of roofing can be computed by multiplying the cost of a single roofing iron sheet by the number of sheets needed to cover the building.

How Much is Decra Roofing in Kenya?

The price of Cedar tree roofing tiles is about sh.2,000 per square meter, in comparison to the Korean roofing, which currently retails from sh.1,400 to sh.1,600 depending on the profile.

What is the price of iron sheets in Kenya?

✓ The cost of an iron sheet in Kenya is 350-480 depending on the type, gauge and also length of the iron sheets you want to buy.

✓ Mabati of about 2M and gauge 30 price costs approximately sh.780 in a local hardware outlet. About sh.458 per square meter. For plain gauge of 30 mabati, you may spend up to sh.500.

✓ Gauge 32mabati of 2M in length shall cost approximately 410 shillings. This is has been an approximate price of Iron sheets in Kenya, and hardware store prices may vary.

What is the price of royal Mabati in Kenya?

✓ The retail price of royal Mabati in Kenya is 380 per metre. The price shall vary from one price to another depending on the length, gauge and also the type of Mabati you plan to buy from the royal Mabati factory.

Which is the best iron sheet in Kenya?

The very best iron sheet in Kenya is the Royal Mabati factory. Any Kenyan can effortlessly tell dumuzaz Mabati, which is a development of the Royal Mabati plant.

How much is gal sheet Mabati in Kenya?

The retail price of galsheet Mabati in Kenya is 480 shillings per metre. Prices may differ depending on the manufacturer, gauge and length of the galsheet iron sheets you need to purchase.

Which is the best Roofing Mabati in Kenya?

The best roofing Mabati in Kenya currently is dumuzas roofing Mabati from the royal Mabati factory in Kenya.

Which is the best roofing material in Kenya?

The best and most generally used roofing material in Kenya is iron sheets, normally known as Mabati in Kenya.

What is the best roofing gauge for iron sheets?

Gauge 30 sheets are the best gauge for iron sheets when constructing residential homes and other structures

What are the types of iron sheets in Kenya?

✓ Corrugated Roofing Sheets 

✓ Sheet Metal Roofing Sheets/mabati

✓ Polycarbonate Roofing Sheets/mabati

Which roofing sheet is the best in Kenya?

Currently, the best roofing sheet maker in Kenya is dumuzaz Mabati from the dumuzaz Mabati factory in Kenya.

Which company makes nyumba Mabati?

The milling company that makes nyumba Mabati in Kenya is The Corrugated Group | East Africa’s Leading Steel Producer | Nyumba Brand.

What does gauge mean in iron sheets?

Gauge in iron sheets represents the thickness of iron sheets. The common iron sheet gauges in the country are gauge 32′ and gauge 30′

What is a corrugated sheet?

A corrugated iron sheet is a kind of iron sheet that is strengthened for use in the building by having a series of alternating grooves and ridges pushed into it, also galvanized to resist extreme weather.