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How to Unlock the Far Cry 6 Secret Ending

by NBI
How to Unlock the Far Cry 6 Secret Ending

The secret ending of Far Cry 6 is darkly hilarious, and if you play Far Cry 6, you’ll definitely want to unlock it. The main Far Cry 6 game has its setting around Dani Rojas’ quest to set the island of Yara free from ruthless dictator Anton Castillo.

The game, however, features a secret ending that shows what would have been if Dani Rojas had taken a slightly different path and ended up sacking the whole thing off instead. Completing the secret ending also rewards you with a PlayStation Trophy or Steam/Xbox Achievement for your efforts, which should persuade you to at least check it out.

It is pretty straightforward to unlock the secret ending in Far Cry 6, and if you follow the steps correctly, you will be done in a few minutes. You should, however, keep in mind that you cannot unlock the secret ending after you have completed the game. As such, you should make sure that you check out this alternative ending before you proceed to play until the main conclusion of the game.

Also, although it does not technically require it, we still recommend that you not unlock the secret ending until after you have completed the mission “Libertad Rises.” We recommend this because you will need access to a boat, and after you have completed the Libertad Rises mission, you will unlock the Libertad HQ. The Libertad HQ has a convenient dock that allows you to spawn a boat.

So, if you are so much interested in checking out what hilarious events the good folks at Ubisoft think could have occurred if Dani Rojas had canceled the whole thing, then proceed to follow the guide we have prepared below to unlock the Far Cry 6 secret ending.

How to Unlock the Far Cry 6 Secret Ending

  1. First off, open up the Far Cry 6 gameplay and fast travel to Libertad HQ. Once you get there, walk over to the docks, over to where you see a Dockside Pickup. Now, go to the vehicle spawn station, select a boat and enter into it. Walk Over To The Dockside Pickup
  2. Now, sail towards the edge of the map. You can move in any direction, and you just need to make sure that you are heading towards the end of the game world. Sail Towards The Edge Of The Map
  3. As you approach the edge of the map, you will notice a message pop up on the screen telling you that you are “Leaving Yara. Turn Around!”. Simply ignore this message and maintain course towards the edge of the map.
  4. If you keep going, you will eventually notice the screen fade to black. Once this happens, the secret ending will begin to play. Sit back and enjoy the funny cutscene, and maybe let a little guilt creep in for abandoning your cause. Leaving Yara Message In Far Cry 6

Suppose you remember from when you started playing Far Cry 6. In that case, the game starts with Dani and two of her companions planning their escape to America, where they had planned to start a new life and finally be free from the tyranny of Anton Castillo and his oppressive rule over the island of Yara.

Dani eventually had two change her plans after both her friends were killed while they were trying to escape. The murder of her friends led her to join the rebel group Libertad to help set the island of Yara free from Anton Casillo. What Ubisoft prepared in the secret ending is the game envisioning a series of events in which Danin decides that liberation will be too tricky and sipping cocktails on a sandy beach is much more enjoyable.

After sailing or flying beyond the horizon to escape Yara, the secret ending shows Dani three months later on a glistening white beach relaxing out on a sun lounger. The game doesn’t tell us exactly her location, but we can assume she eventually arrived in America. Dani has next to her a radio from which we can hear that the war in Yara is finally over as Anton’s men have killed Clara Garcia, the Libertad leader.

We notice that Dani doesn’t seem much impacted by the news and instead continues to relax and enjoy her sunbathing as the credits start to roll. This secret ending is darkly comedic, and it fits nicely alongside the other alternative endings that Far Cry 6 has offered over time. We should also point out that this secret ending should be considered non-canon, and as such, there will be no follow-up to it.

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