How to silence KPLC prepaid electricity meter alarm


Electricity in Kenya has become somewhat of a basic need for many people, and prepaid electricity meters are being installed in so many homes as a way of monitoring, charging and regulating their electricity usage. People can buy kplc units, commonly known as tokens, for any amount from Ks10, just like airtime, and monitor the usage via the meter. This has shifted from the widely inefficient and error-bound postpaid method, where customers had to pay after using electricity.

Unlike postpaid electricity meters, where you had to wait for postage at the end of every month, make long lines to pay and often contend with exaggerated amounts, prepaid KPLC meters present an easy way to buy power tokens right from your mobile device, agent or bank. When the units are about to be finished, prepaid meters will alert you through a constant, built-in alarm-like beeping sound. The beeping alarm starts at about the 20kWh mark and evolves continuous and faster as you continue using the tokens.

It becomes the loudest and even quickest when your tokens fall below 5kWh or 5 tokens. The sound can become very annoying and irritating more, especially at night, but there are methods you can stop the beeping sound. However, the procedure of silencing the prepaid meters differs from one meter brand and model to another. So, the steps that you use to silence one prepaid meter may not basically be the same as the ones used on another meter.

How to stop a prepaid electricity meter from beeping

Various prepaid meter brands and models in Kenya have different ways that you can use to mute the beeping sound alarm. But, if the specified procedure does not work on your meter, try out the steps for other models.

  1. Hexing – Dial 812 followed by hash (#), or press 812 then ‘Enter’ key
  2. Nirav Star Instrument – Dial 1037, then hit the ‘Enter’ button 3 times
  3. Conlog Intech – Long press the hash (#) button or hit the delete (backspace) button 3 times
  4. Actaris – Long press the ‘Enter’ button
  5. Inhemeter – Dial 016 or 017, then ‘Enter’ or hash (#) button
  6. Shenzen – Press 1037, then hit the ‘Enter’ button 3 times
  7. Itron – Long press the ‘Enter’ button
  8. Intech – Press 812, then hash (#) button