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How To Reverse M-PESA sent to wrong number, paybill or till number

by NBI
Reverse M-PESA

How To Reverse an M-PESA transaction sent to a wrong number, paybill, or lipa na mpesa till.

MPESA reversal to the wrong number

If you are an M-PESA user in Kenya or Tanzania, you most likely have sent money to the wrong or unintended number in the past. If this has happened to you once, you must be content that getting your money back can be very hard if the other person is dishonest.

Worry not; SAFARICOM through Mpesa can help you reverse your funds.

UPDATE 31 July 2021: Simply forward the MPESA transaction SMS or text to the number 456.

Reversing Lipa Na M-PESA PayBill or Lipa Na M-PESA Buy Goods & Services transaction:

The Lipa Na Mpesa transaction has revolutionized how people make payments these days. However, it occurs that you may make an erroneous payment or transaction while trying your Lipa Na Mpesa transaction if you happen to have paid to the wrong Mpesa Paybill or wrong MPESA Till Buy Goods & Services, how to have a reversal.

Reverse Lipa Na M-PESA Buy Goods & Services

If you send an MPESA transaction or payment to a wrong till number using the Lipa Na MPESA Buy Goods & Services, do not wonder. You can get your funds back. You can get the M-PESA transaction reversed to your account. Call Safaricom on the number 234 and ask for them to initiate the MPESA reversal. The terms and conditions will apply.

Reverse Lipa Na M-PESA PayBill

To reverse a Lipa Na M-PESA PayBill number, you have to contact the merchant immediately and request for the reversal to be initiated. If you do not have the direct merchant number, call the Safaricom directory on the number 191 and ask for the number of the merchant who operates the  MPESA PayBill. The business will then check the transaction and advice you how soon the M-PESA paybill reversal can be done, usually within two days for most of the businesses.

What You need to reverse wrong pay bill transaction

  • The M-PESA transaction-id
  • The time you send the money on MPESA
  • Your ID number
  • Your full names

The procedure of reversing wrong till number transaction

There are many ways to initiate the reversal process

  1. You can use this procedure:
  2. Sms the word ‘reverse’ to either 234 or 100
  3. Then forward the transaction SMS that was received from M-PESA to the number 234
  4. Call the numbers either 234 or 100
  5. Provide the transaction SMS received from M-PESA

You can also chat with Safaricom customer care from their official self-care site or Twitter handle @Safaricom_Care

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