How To Replace A Lost or destroyed Birth Certificate In Kenya


This is a comprehensive guide on how to replace a lost or destroyed birth certificate in Kenya. A birth certificate is an essential document that validates your lawful rights to all services entitled to Kenyan citizens. It is utilised for various purposes such as application of your National ID, application of visas or passports and enrollment of national examinations such as KCPE and KCSE.

How To Replace A Lost Birth Certificate

Lost or destroyed birth certificates can be replaced using two major ways. This includes physical application and via online application.

1. Physical Application

Documents Required

  • Copy of birth information or the birth certificate. In case you don’t have the copies, yo can go to your county’s civil registry office to be assisted with this.
  • Original ID or Passport/Birth Certificate of both parents.
  • Clear Copies of ID or Passport of your parents. In case one parent/guardian is dead, you will be needed to present the death certificate.


  • Visit the nearest Huduma Centre or a department for civil registration and submit a copy of birth notification.
  • Those born within Nairobi County can go to the office of the Registration of Births and the Deaths located at Bishop’s Plaza, Opposite Milimani Court or Huduma Centre.
  • For those born outside Nairobi county, visit Hass Plaza, 4th Floor, Lower Hill Road.
  • Fill in the application form submitted (Form B1) and submit it to the registration officer jointly with the necessary documents mentioned above.
  • Pay the prescribed cost. The fee ranges between Kes 50-180.
  • You will be sent a notification once the birth certificate is prepared for collection.

2. Online Application


  • Log in to the ecitizen portal.
  • Go to the civil registration department portal and click on get service. Go to make the application and then choose the birth certificate.
  • Follow the instructions given.
  • Proceed to make the necessary payment or fee. The fee is about Kes 180 and can be paid via Mpesa.
  • Confirm your payment, then move to submit your application.
  • Download the application invoice, then go-ahead to submit a copy of the receipt to the Civil Registration Department found at ACK Bishop House, Bishop’s Road, off Ngong Road.