How to make 100,000 per month in Kenya 2020 farming


Kenya’s richest female singer Akothee has offered a nugget of wisdom to all single mothers on how to be food secure in order to be in a position to fend for their families in case things go haywire.

In a post on Instagram, Akothee wondered why they were buying everything including water instead of saving a few coins to till the land in order to be food sufficient.

Akothee working on her farm. /INSTAGRAM

She gave an example of herself claiming that she had harvested 37 bags of maize that she was planning to sell at Sh4, 000 each in Mombasa. The singer added that she could make more by selling the bags by subdividing them into gorogoro quantities that go for Sh50 each. Do the math.

Akothee also cautioned housewives on being dependant on their husbands to provide for their families and pointed out that if God forbid, their husbands were to die or be fired, and they would be in a tight fix with no one to turn to.

“Am not talking to housewives them they are sorted because they are employed by their husbands !they will only wake up when hell breaks loose & contract cancelled, I don’t say a contract is cancelled by them kicking you out!No, but how about him losing his job or falling sick or nature calls?

“Tell that man to give you the capital you go cultivate land and push him that you both have a roof over your head in the village! You can’t pay rent worth 100k per month & tell me that you can’t afford to build a house worth 1m? Think,” wrote Akothee.