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How Much MCA Tricky Earns Per Show In Churchill Show

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Mc tricky consistency, witty punchlines, and relevance have left members of the Chokora’s Assembly (MCA Tricky), real names Francis Munyao, with little to no competition. The funnyman has stayed red-hot since he made his debut in Churchill Show back in 2016 and, unlike his fellow peers, has effortlessly amused us with his natural talent. He has surpassed the likes of Prof Hammo, whose current showing has been dismal. Donning his signature long, baggy grey coat, a three-quarter blue trousers and red shirt, the old class 8 drop out-atleast that’s what he made us believe in past interviews- commands the most elevated performance fee in the rough and highly competitive streets of comedy.

Where it started

The Kenyan comedian failed to join secondary school due to lack of school fees. The last born in a small family of three, MCA Tricky revealed in a recent radio interview with SDE’s top talent Caroline Nyaga how he ended up living a street urchin in the streets of Nairobi without his parents’ knowledge. Then living in Mombasa, the 12 year old accompanied his friends to the town center in search of greener pastures in Nairobi: …..”I was born to a very humble family in Mombasa’s Makindu area where poverty is so loud”, he went on to say “My peers persuaded me to accompany them to the city in search of greener pastures without my parent’s prior knowledge. The fact that I was very idle, frustrated and needed to survive, I first heeded to their plea just to realise that life in Nairobi city was more hard than I imagined. This drove me to the highways,” said the comedian.

MCA Tricky Gives Another Version Of His Life

The same Kenyan comedian who shared his name as Paul Kimani Njoroge in the discussion Caroline Nyaga gave another diferent totally account of himself in his current biography. He conveyed this on his official website:

MCA (aks Member of Chokora Association). Tricky, born in Makueni county in 1993, humbly one of the greatest comedy talents in Kenya. An undergraduate student at Kenyatta University BSc. mechanical engineering.

Tricky is a skilled stand – up comedian featuring for churchill comedy show on NTV which airs every sunday until recently. The choice of this character to deliver good jokes is a depiction of how I can readily interact and represent the huge portion of the low and middle class society. Nevertheless, the character is just a pin-hole to establish motivation across all societal classes. I have shared the stage with international artistes, alongside local and regional opening acts. Since then, I have performed with a number of comedy bigwigs, both regional and international.

Did he drop out of school?

That appears to be another long story he pulled for whatever reasons. The comedian graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Kenyatta University during the university’s 47th graduation ceremony.

Street Life

In the same interview on SDE magazine, the funnyman narrated how he was booted out of his Good Samaritans home, forcing him to find a new address in the harsh streets of Nairobi. This story now seems debatable.

Barikiwa Set Book Group

He credits Barikiwa Set Book Group as his provident grace. The street boy had the opportunity to hone his talents as a comedian courtesy of the group.

Joining Churchill Show

It was the encouragement of members of Barikiwa who saw his potential and urged him to go for Churchill show auditions at the Carnivore grounds. Prof Hammo, who he has eclipsed, encouraged the former street urchin to follow his “heart’s yearning.”

How much is MCA Tricky paid per show?

Daniel Ndambuki, alias Churchill show, has come under sharp criticism for paying comedians who appear on his two comic shows-Churchill Raw and Churchill Live Show-peanuts. Reacting to the furor caused by Rapcha da Sayantist tweets blaming Churchill for underpaying comedians after the death of Ayeiya, the streetboy MC Jesse said: “They come while they are still fresh, and some don’t even have the money. Let’s take the example of MCA Tricky. He came in the way he was, and he is great today. Comedian YJ came the same way, and he is good right now. Content creator Eddie Butita came from Kariobangi area, and now he is doing international shows. If you are still coming there to look for good money, you will fail terribly, but if you are coming for a destiny, you will succeed immensely. The money aspect can’t even be discussed online because you can’t even quantify to give a good value for them when it comes to money party, but their worth is determined by how they also live their life, not how much they earn. ”.Kenyas MCA Tricky seems, nonetheless, to be well paid and this he also confirmed in two separate interviews when he announced, “demands a six-figure performance fee.” His estimated pay at Churchill is ksh150,000 per month, which translates to just above Ksh 35,000 per show.

Radio Maisha breakfast show

The Nairobi comedian is the latest addition to the Radio Maisha ‘Maisha Asubuhi Show.’ He teams up with fellow co-host Billy Miya. His salary is estimated at over ksh100,000.

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