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How Do I Unblock Someone On Venmo?

by NBI
How Do I Unblock Someone On Venmo?

Even if so many people are not endeared towards visible cash transfers, it is very clear that Venmo is experiencing massive growth and is well on course to take care of even more transactions in years to come. The fact that Paypal recently shared that it had about forty million active Venmo users last year should tell you it is no joke.

And, even if Venmo has simplified sending cash to friends, sometimes, it can be over transparent. So, it is great to know that some privacy settings can be changed, and your online presence and payment history are not visible for all to see. Except you intentionally want that to happen.

How Can I Block Users On Venmo?

  1. Click the 3 lines icon.
  2. Click “Search People.”
  3. Head to a user’s profile page.
  4. Click the icon with 3 circles at the top and at the right corner.
  5.  Click “Block,” and it appears in a red color.

Be aware that you need to get yourself logged out, and you have to restart the application for the changes to manifest.

Effects Of Blocking Anyone On Venmo?

When you block somebody on Venmo, they will no longer be seen by you in the application. They will be not be visible anymore in your network too. When you search for their names, no result will be shown as well.

Everything above will also happen the exact way when anyone deletes his or her Venmo account. No name will be seen in search results, so there will be nobody to send payment to or receive payment from.

Also, the individual you blocked will not be able to search for your account information too. As a result, they will not be able to send payment to or receive payment from you.

And, the person will receive no alert, letting him or her know that they just got blocked by you. Some of them might even think you deleted your account.

That has to be done from a different Venmo account to know if anyone blocked you.

This means 2 Venmo customers cannot block each other. Except the two of them initiated an account block before logging out.

How Can I Unblock Users On Venmo?

Lets imagine you made an error or you hurriedly blocked a Venmo user after an intense clash. If the individual still owns a valid account, unblocking the person is possible.

  1. Click the 3 lines icon.
  2. Swipe down and click “Settings.”
  3. Choose “Privacy.”
  4. Click “Blocked Users.”
  5. Choose a user.
  6. Click the-3 dot icon in the upper right corner to make a menu visible.
  7. Click “Unblock” two times to confirm.

Be aware that adding the person to your friends’ list once more will need to happen for things to go back to how they were previously.

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