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Best Games Like Episode Without in App Purchases

by NBI
Games Like Episode

Interactive video games are a great way to have the imagination of your dreams. They enable you to make important choices and customize characters. The stories in games have these choices, and the options have various turnouts, which make room for exciting plot twists and other events. Episode’s Choose Your Story is like that featuring more than 50000 gripping Hollywood-based stories of various genres and themes. With Episode, you’ll actually experience what it’s like to be a celebrity or a detective. The episode game is not the only kind of interactive game you can play, there are tons of other options, and we’ll outline them here.

Best Games Like Episode for Android

Chapters: if you’re currently looking for a game like an Episode with tons of options to pick from, the Chapter has all that. It highlights stories and genres, and each story comprises chapters that are to be completed by you. You can also continue with the stories that have sequels to have a never-ending adventure. The Chapters’ stories are in different categories such as fantasy, romance scenes, drama, etc. In addition, you can make your character to look like what you want by customizing their names, hairstyles, and items of clothing. Just tweak them to look your way.


  1. Choices: Stories You Play

With the Choices game, you can build your own personalized story. You’ll go on adventures, meet your lover, unwind crime mysteries in stories that are released continually. You also dictate how stories turn out. The mobile game lets you customize your characters. So you can easily change their dressing, hairstyle, and others. The Choices game is created to have excellent cartoon-style graphics with great backgrounds and colors.


  1. Choice of Robots

If you are a huge sci-fi enthusiast, then Choice of Robot is a fantastic interactive game tailored to you. The game contains more than 300,000 words and is extensive. The central character, which is you is what the story is based on. In the video game, you have to make choices to help save the world. There are various kinds of robots you’ll encounter in the game, and you’ll have to show them how they can behave better than just machines. You can also develop your own robots and associate them with commands, then making you have a good idea of artificial intelligence.


  1. Love Story Game

This game takes the twist of most interactive games. The storyline is regarding a young girl who is in love with a celebrity (that is Lance Johnson). You play as the young lady, and you are presented with many choices, which include the sort of relationship you want to be in, dealing with gossip, and other decisions pertaining to you. Just like Episode Love Story Game, you can have extended continuous play owing to its multiple endings.


  1. High School Story

Pixelberry Studios developed this mobile app, and it is also a game like Episode. The game environment is a high school where you will then play as a student. The game has more than 30 different unlockable characters. Exclusive Stories that you would love to play can additionally unlock so you can make some certain choices. The app makes you have real fun by you using apps to cheat on your crush. You can also join friends in fun by playing through their stories in a High School Story.

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