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” Amira is a Liar,” Jamal RohoSafi Responds to Amira’s Accusations.

by NBI
Jamal RohoSafi

Kenyan businessman Jamal RohoSafi has responded to claims made by his ex-wife Amira that he was abusive and he physically assaulted her when they were married.

Amira took to her Instagram and accused Jamal of physically abusing her while she was pregnant with their third child, resulting in a miscarriage.

Speaking in an interview yesterday, Jamal denied the accusations that he beat Amira and accused her of lying to gain relevance from fans on social media.

” Amira is a liar, if she was ever pregnant, she would have shared the news with the entire world. We all agreed to have two children since she suffers from back pains. There is no one time we decided on having another child. The only person who was pregnant with my child is Amber Ray.”

According to Jamal, the doctor advised Amira against becoming pregnant again and also told her to lose weight due to her medical condition. He revealed that she has been travelling to Turkey for weight loss procedures and the 36 Kgs she has lost is because of her condition.

Jamal said if it was true that he beat her up leading to a miscarriage, he would have been arrested. He added that domestic violence and murder are serious allegations and noone would just sit around when such things were happening to them.

“Her next man will realize how toxic she is. I have never laid my hands on her and if she has ever been beaten, why is it that she did not take me to court for all that time, who can beat up a woman Infront of her parents and still walk free?”

The businessman said that Amira is using his name to chase clout especially after he stopped sending her money for upkeep. He accused her of bringing men to his house after their divorce which forced him to kick her out.

“I stopped giving her upkeep money after three months of our divorce elapsed. I chased her from the house I had bought for her because she was bringing men home yet she is a Muslim woman, and I stopped giving her money last week but one. It didn’t make sense because I live with the kids, she lives with the kids. If she can’t afford to take care of them she can bring them back to me. All this is because I said am not giving her upkeep anymore.”

The Chairman of Matatu Association Operators said he moved on and Amira is just bitter and one day the truth about her behavior will come to light.

Earlier Amira had shared that she wishes she left the marriage earlier since Jimal was toxic and the worst person she has ever met.

She said she stayed in the marriage for the sake of her children and if she had a chance to go back and make better decisions, she would choose a different father for them.

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