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10 Best RPG Games for Android in 2022

by NBI
10 Best RPG Games for Android

Many of us want to play role-playing games on our devices. Yes, there are many role-playing games or RPG games available for desktop platforms, but we have fewer of them when it comes to Android. In this post, we will be showing you the best RPG games that you can play on your Android phones.

Fire Emblem Heroes

Fire Emblem Heroes is a strategy RPG game for your Android phone. The player starts by collecting heroes in the game, and then the storyline begins. It has pretty gameplay, and it’s very simple to summon characters, develop the Heroes’ skills and take them to the Fights.

  1. Inotia 4

This is a multiplayer RPG game for Android that allows players to develop their character from 4 different types of heroes. All fights on the Inotia 4 takes place in real-time, and you will have to use your fighting skills to destroy the enemies. Inotia 4 is one of the most downloaded and addictive RPG games on the Google Play Store.

  1. Evoland

Evoland is a nice RPG game that comes with lots of adventures. In this 2D action-adventure game, players will need to unlock better graphics and unique gameplay styles. This is a great opportunity to explore the world of secrets, dungeons, puzzles, etc.

  1. Star Conflict Heroes

This is a nice game where players need to expand a fleet of spacecraft. It is a sci-fi action RPG game that allows you to explore a story-rich universe. You will have to fight against other players on a galactic journey to acquire new starships and upgrade the abilities of the existing ones.

  1. Shadowgun Legends

Those that want something that comes with high graphics should try this Shadowgun legend. It is one of the best Android RPG games that you will love to play. In the game, the player will live in a dystopian world where he needs to survive the fight and battles.

  1. Baldur’s Gate

Baldur’s Gate is an excellent Android RPG game on the list that features a high visual. In the game, the player will need to recruit a hero and build a powerful team to fight others. This game is fun to play and also addictive as well.

  1. MARVEL Future Fight

MARVEL Future Fight is one of the best games available on the Play Store. If you are a fan of MARVEL, then this is your opportunity to show support and loyalty. The game features almost all heroes and villains from Marvel Universe, and you can even assemble your team to fight with others.

  1. Shadow Fight 3

Shadow Fight 3 is one of the famous RPG games on the Google Play Store right now. Unlike other Shadow fight games, it features an exciting storyline. You will also get nice 3D graphics, and the game is highly addictive.

  1. Day R Survival

Day R Survival is a nice game that was released in a country after an apocalypse. Players will need to survive from the radiation, hunger, and health issue to win the game. The storyline makes the game addictive. The player will have to cross the entire country to save his family after a nuclear war.

  1. SoulCraft

SoulCraft is a free and top-rated Action RPG game that every Android user would love to play. The game packs fantastic graphics and great gameplay. You will need to play as an Angel hero to fight against the evil demons. You will get everything ranging from different game modes, different locations, different bosses, and more.

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